Jun 16
Rosedale June Message

Rosedale School News

School resumes Thursday, September 1st
New student tour (Grades 6 - 9) on August 31st 2 - 2:30

Rosedale students worked together with Tsu'Tina Elder Bruce Starlight and artists Chantal Changnon and Trian Knight this month, learning more about Calgary's rich Indigenous Heritage. Students in Grades 7-9 read through all of the 94 Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls To Action, and chose 5 Calls of Action our school will focus on in the Fall (Numbers 62, 63, 65, 86 and 92) . Our Jr. High students re-wrote the 5 Calls to Action in 'child friendly' language to share with our Elementary students and we will work together to find ways to honour the Calls chosen by our students.

A Peek Inside

Calgary's Theater performance company The Green Fools had a fantastic time with students at Rosedale during PE lessons. Students enjoyed our first all school assembly, and parents were thrilled to see their children on the tight rope, stilts, barrels, juggling and other circus skills which worked on core strength, catching and throwing and hand eye coordination. Sports Day was held in our field on June 27th and students enjoyed events on the field run by parent volunteers.

Our Grade 8 students created an Escape room, culminating the year end tasks for their Unit study on Japan. Grades 4, 5, 6 and 7 enjoyed making their way out using clues, solving puzzles and word problems. Students in Jr. High had an opportunity to dissect a sheep's eye (learning about the inner workings of the eye), designed and constructed functioning water filters from homemade materials and explored the SAIT campus to find and solve issues impacting access (how to create wheel chair accessible entrances). Grade 4 students met a staff member from the Calgary Flames and played games learning more about the science of hockey. Inspired by traditional Inuit art, students in Grade 2 learned how to carve soapstone.

Rosedale Fundraiser / Update

 Our current 2022 class (students and parents) was given the opportunity to vote on Sailing or a Career and are planning to have an Albertan camp experience, and have begun their bottle drives and fundraisers!  

2022 Rosedale Bottle Drive Dates

Thank you for continuing to save your bottles to support the Graduating Class of 2023! Drop bottles off at the Rosedale School Parking lot. Please put these Saturday 10am - 12:30pm dates on your calendar:

Saturday, Sept 24th

Saturday, October 29th

Thank you for your continued support.​

Our last day of school is June 28th and we will return for our 2022-23 school year on Thursday, September 1st. Have a wonderful summer with friends and family!

May 30
Rosedale in May

Rosedale staff and students are enjoying our spring weather and getting ready for our Grade 9 Celebration together in early June! We are so fortunate to be able to host the event at our school this year. Our 2021 Graduating class enjoyed time at camp together this month to use money fundraised by our community, and our 2020 Graduating class have been welcomed back to the school for certificates and a long awaited reunion! 

Calgary's Theater performance company The Green Fools will be in our gym the week of June 6 - 10th teaching circus skills in PE classes. If we have a sunny day, students will perform outside for parents. The Green Fools offer summer and evening circus camps and classes for adults and children and we are looking forward to learning how to stilt walk, use a tightrope, juggle, unicycle and more!

This year we will have our sports day at Rosedale School ending with a student pic-nic lunch to celebrate our year. Thank you in advance to parent volunteers who will be running stations and helping with our picnic celebration.

Rosedale Fundraiser Report / Update

Thank you to our Rosedale Community for supporting the Grade 9 bottle drives and fundraisers. Our 2020class was just able to Sail in BC, having a fantastic trip, but students were not able to return to the school to finish their year as we left in March for online learning. We will welcome back our 2020 class in June to reunite, walk the stage for certificates, and re-visit their school. As you may know, our 2021 Grade 9 Graduating class was not able to have their year-end trip last year. The outstanding news is that most of our 2021 Graduates from Rosedale will reunite to attend an overnight camping trip! Now Grade 10 - our students will receive Career and Life Management course credits for High School and this has brought a great deal of excitement to reunite with students and staff.  We are very thrilled to be able to offer this long-awaited adventure to these amazing students who fundraised in their Grade 9 year at Rosedale. Thank you again to our previous parent fundraisers for their work together with the school to make this possible!​

Our current 2022 class (students and parents) was given the opportunity to vote on Sailing or a Career and are planning to have an Albertan camp experience, and have begun their bottle drives and fundraisers!  

2022 Rosedale Bottle Drive Dates

Please put these Saturday 10am - 12:30pm dates on your calendar and support our 2023 Class of Grade 9s:

Saturday, June 25th

Saturday, Sept 24th

Saturday, October 29th


Drop bottles off at the Rosedale School Parking lot. Thank you for your continued support.

Jan 16
January / February News

Rosedale School News

After returning from the extended break, students were quickly engaged in learning and laughter at Rosedale School. You may have enjoyed seeing student snow sculptures and forts outside on our fields this January. Field trips were moved online and students have had rich learning experiences while in the building.

Grade 2 had a special guest from the Arctic visit their class! Mrs. Rita brought in her family's antique Polar Bear hide, named Cambridge. Students had the opportunity to touch and experience polar bear fur, skin and claws while learning about Polar bears, taking pictures on their ipads and recording facts about Arctic life.

Grade 4 had an exciting week working digitally with the Hub for Inspired Learning through Calgary's Art Commons! Students were able to investigate how we all connect to the land and Alberta through the arts, connections with Elders and Calgary artists. Students had a virtual session with Elder Walter White Bear. Elder White Bear sang students songs passed down from his Elders', and lead the students through some of the significance of the medicine wheel, his personal musical instruments, and shared the importance of eagle feathers to First Nation's people. Local Calgary Artist, Mandy Stobo, met virtually with students to teach how to paint landscapes. It was a full week for students, learning from the facilitators and experts at Arts Commons, and some wonderful members of Calgary's community.

February is Black History Month, and all students at Rosedale will focus on leaders in Canada. During Black History Month, people in Canada celebrate the many achievements and contributions of Black Canadians and their communities who, throughout history, have done so much to make Canada the culturally diverse, compassionate, and prosperous nation it is today. Our work learning about leadership does not only happen in February, but we will bring in Online Toronto theatre guests, The Overture of the Arts, for grades 6 - 9 and local Calgary Artists, for K - 5 this month.

Grade 9 students will continue bottle drives and our next scheduled drives are Saturday, February 26th, Saturday, March 26th, and Saturday, April 30th . Although students cannot sail this year, they will work together to find ways to use funds raised with possible online/in person day trips and programming. We will share more out as soon as we are able to plan together with our classes. 

Our School Development Plan continues to move forward as students are focusing on writing and numeracy. More information is shared at Parent Council Meetings and can be found in Principal Reports. 


Dec 14
Rosedale Winter Message

Rosedale School Message

Susan Faulkner Principal
Kurt Gordon Assistant Principal

Season's Greetings to our Rosedale Community! Celebrations have begun at Rosedale where some of our students celebrated Diwali, the festival of lights, in November or will celebrate Christmas or Chanukah.

We wish you all a happy New Year – 2022!


Our Rosedale Volleyball teams had a successful season this year! Our girls team finished in third place and our boys team finished second. Thank you to our outstanding community coaches, Mrs de Haan, Mrs Pannett, and Mr. Love who have volunteered their time with our own PE teacher, Mr. Senek along with class teachers and administration who supervised games.

Basketball will begin in the new year and we know, as always, our Rosedale students will represent our community with a supportive, positive, and friendly nature.


2020-2021 Rosedale Bottle Drive Dates
Students currently in Grade 9 have been busy fundraising for a possible 2022 year-end trip. Please put these Saturday 10am - 12:30pm dates on your calendar:
Jan 8
Feb 26
Mar 26
April 30
Drop bottles off at the Rosedale School Parking lot. Wear a mask and stay safe. Thank you for your continued support, Rosedale!​

Sep 28
Fall News At Rosedale School

Principal - Susan Faulkner

Assistant Principal - Kurt Gordon

At Rosedale School, we have had a rejuvenating summer and are excited to have welcomed back our students for the 2021-2022 school year! We have a family style school here at Rosedale with 240 studetns and one class per grade - Kindergarten to Grade 9. Community and communication are key and learning is our central purpose.

While masking, distancing, online meetings and guests, and limiting school visitations remain in place to minimize risks, we are thrilled to hear the noises of volleyballs flying around the gym after school as our grades 7-9 students begin their school sports season. In addition to our Thunderbird volleyball teams, students have been entered in and started to train for the cross-country season.  When we last competed, our teams represented the Rosedale community with strength and pride and we look forward to another strong athletic season. 

You may see some early Halloween costumes this year as Halloween falls on Sunday, October 31
st and we will invite staff and students to dress up on Friday, October 29th! Our students and staff love Halloween and we hope students can go out safely this year.

“In a summary report released earlier this year, the commission published 94 "Calls to Action" urging all levels of government — federal, provincial, territorial and aboriginal — to work together to change policies and programs in a concerted effort to repair the harm caused by residential schools and move forward with reconciliation" (CBC). Rosedale Students looked at all 94 Calls To Action and sorted these into three categories: Local / Provincial / Federal. Then students and staff chose one call to action that we can support at Rosedale School. This year students will focus on a Commitment to Truth and Reconciliation and carefully chose 'Call to Action number 63' “We call on the leaders in charge of education in Canada to always work on improving education about Aboriginal people and cultures". Staff and students will work on learning more about our Aboriginal people and culture, blended within all curriculum areas. You may have seen our sign “When We Know Better, We Do Better", a Maya Angelou quote. We are beginning to learn more together.

Our 2021 Graduating Grade 9 Class have began their High School journeys and we want to wish them the best in the next steps of their journeys! We sure miss their smiles in the hallway and want to thank the class for their stunning art installation co-created with Calgary Artist Dean Stanton. Their art is up on the wall by the Girls Change Room.

Students currently in Grade 9 have been busy fundraising for a possible 2022 trip. Students and families in Grade 9 have set up Bottle Drives for the year. To help keep our Grade 9 trip alive, feel free to drop off your bottles at Rosedale School 10am - 12:30pm on the following dates:

2020-2021 Rosedale Bottle Drive Dates
Please put these Saturday 10am - 12:30pm dates on your calendar:
Oct 23
Nov 27
Jan 8
Feb 26
Mar 26
April 30


Apr 28
Monday, May 3, 2021

Rosedale School News

Please purchase a Rosedale Raffle Ticket to support the renovations of our Learning Commons area (library)! The draw opened April 29th - May 20th and tickets can be purchased online (Alberta residents only). You could win $2000!  Click below to purchase your $2.00 ticket:


AGLC License Number 57330

Rosedale students in grades 7, 8 and 9 have engaged in online learning, which began on Monday, April 19th. How does this work? Students are given a weekly schedule to follow for their daily classes: two hours of Humanities (Language Arts / Social Studies), one hour of math, an hour of science, an hour for lunch, an option (guitar, photography, art or yoga), online PE and one Health class per week. Technology is provided for students to sign out from the school as needed, and the magic of the internet allows us to teach students safely from their homes while staff are at school. Teachers can also meet one-on-one or in small groups with some of our students, online, to make sure each child has what he/she needs. We work together with parents, guardians, staff and students to provide instruction, assistance, care, wellness and a sense of community.​

Transforming lesson plans to an online platform takes time, patience and creativity. Our Assistant Principal, Mr. Gordon, and I are grateful to the staff and students at Rosedale for their extra time, flexibility, laughter, and growth mindset! Thank you to all CBE staff for their dedication and strength during this year to make sure students come first.

 All students in Grades 1 - 9 will have written a short story at the end of April, based on a picture prompt. Teachers assess the writing, share samples with other teachers, and discuss next best steps, which help inform teaching and learning and our School Development Plan. Rosedale School has a three year School Development Plan, which focuses on analysing and synthesizing information when writing. We analyze the writing of all of our students, discuss student needs and bring in guest speakers for staff to build skills to teach. We will share some of our stories with you next month. Our full School Development Plan is on our website.

Rosedale Grade 9 Fundraisers

Thank you to the Rosedale Community for participating in our 2021 Grade 9 fundraisers! We are disappointed that our 9s were not able to sail, as this is a Rosedale tradition which some of our students have planned on for over 10 years. Our year end celebration will be funded by monies raised, and students in Grade 9 will determine how to allocate the remainder.

We are very proud of our 2021 Grade 9 class and thank them for all of their efforts, enthusiasm, laughter and work together with parents to fundraise this year.


If you are interested to learn more about Rosedale School, please join us on our twitter account: @RosedaleCBE

Feb 22
February 22nd 2021

Rosedale School News

Rosedale School has spirit and our students celebrated Literacy Week with “Harry Potter Day" on January 28th. Our school was transformed into Hogwarts for a day where students and staff dressed up as their favourite book characters. Our special day included a red dragon left in the hallway by Hagrid! Calgary's puppet and childrens' theatre company, The Green Fools, donated their 25 foot long Dragon, commissioned by the City of Calgary in 2012 to mark the Lunar New Year, to Rosedale School. The Rosedale dragon now lives in the basement waiting to pop up for Lunar New Year celebrations and special events! Thank you to the Green Fools for the donation! The Green Fools can be seen on Instagram and have a children's segment called GFN - Green Fools News, with activities for children and families.

February 12
th marked the Lunar New Year of the 'Ox' and students also celebrated Valentine's Day by wearing PJs, red, white and red and bringing in a stuffed animal for the day. Grades One and Two teachers, Mrs. Rathje and Mrs. Rita, had their students write a Valentine for every person in the school. Over 250 Valentines were displayed for a week on a bulletin board before each student safely unclipped their Valentine and enjoyed a personal message handwritten on each one. Delightful!

Rosedale Grade Two News Articles

February was Black History Month and at Rosedale, and Canadian history was woven into our curriculum highlighting persons who have and or are contributing to positive changes. Grade 2 students learned about Canadian business woman and civil libertarian, Viola Desmond; as seen on our ten dollar bill.

Below are two news articles written by Grade two students at Rosedale after learning about Viola Desmond's demonstration for human rights:

Viola was driving in her car. Then it broke down so she went to the movie theatre. She asked for a ticket for the down stairs. Then someone tapped her on the shoulder. He asked her to go the balcony but she refused to. Then he called the manager but she refused again. The manager called the police. The police took Viola to jail. She couldn't sleep. The next day she was taken to court.

By Ella

It all started with Viola's car breaking down, she found a movie theatre. She asked for a down stairs ticket and went down stairs. She felt a tap on her shoulder…a person said you don't belong here. She refused and then she called the manager then he called the police, they put her in jail. She changed the future.

By Cohen

If you are interested to see our Valentines, science work or the Viola stories on our bulletin boards, or want to learn more about Rosedale School, please join us on our twitter account: @RosedaleCBE

Rosedale Grade 9 Fundraisers

As per Rosedale tradition, our Grade 9 students usually go sailing, but in order to maintain safe cohorts, we are unable to travel outside of our province this year. Our Grade 9 students have continued to fundraise for their year-end celebration. We are disappointed they cannot sail this school year, but hopeful we will be afforded a way to choose a safe way to celebrate their time together as a class; some of whom have been together since Kindergarten for 10 years! Our students will continue to safely fundraise as part of their focus on team building for Health, PE, Leadership and other curriculum areas. Parents, students and the school will work together to determine how to use funds generated, and we will share updates with our community as this unfolds.


Bottle Drives are Saturdays from 9:00am - 12:00pm. Safety protocols are followed for students and families. You are invited to drop off bottles in our school parking lot, arrange for porch pick up, or take your bottles to the North Hill Bottle Depot to donate the funds to Grade 9 students. Community flyers are distributed or call the school for more information.


Bottle Drive Dates:
Feb 27
March 20
April 24

Nov 11
November News From Rosedale School

​Dear Rosedale Families,

Our students shared our first Online Remembrance Day assembly yesterday. We are so proud of all of our students for their thoughtful contributions this year and wish we could have invited parents. Enjoy this day with friends and family.​

Lest we forget.

Rosedale School 

Sep 07
Rosedale School

​September 2020

Dear Rosedale Families,

We have enjoyed our first week back with students!  It was wonderful to see how much they have grown, hear stories of summer and hear laughter in our halls again. Enjoy the long weekend, no school on Monday, September 7th, and we look forward to resuming again on Tuesday, September 8th.

A weekly email will go home from the school for parents to read and stay informed. Staff will begin their weekly updates to classes within the next two weeks. It has been a busy start up and we have focused mainly on health and wellness this week.

CBE information on Stage 1, 2 and 3 for minimizing risk during this time: CBE INFO We are currently in Stage 1.See the CBE re-entry videos for more information.

School calendar  - ROSEDALE CALENDAR

Start-up packages will come out for your family next week to fill out forms etc.

In this message you will find information about:

Minimizing Risk (Parents and Staff)
Class Changes and Numbers
Alberta Government School Information on schools and physical distancing
Short Walking Field Trips
School Council
Grade 9 Sailing Meeting Online September 9th
School Fundraisers (Bottle Drive and Grocery Cards)
Supporting Other Children - donate today and see how to help other CBE students 

Thank you for helping minimize risks to our students by:

  • Using the daily COVID checklist
  • Covid tests when necessary
  • Having your children go home for lunch if they can
  • Calling and or emailing in your questions and concerns (contact class teacher, office, Principal or Assistant Principal - email lists on our website)
  • Putting a mask on your child when they arrive at school (please make sure your child is wearing a mask that fits before they get in line to enter the school)
  • Parents / guardians wearing masks when picking up and dropping off children (we all need masks to model safety) when on school grounds
  • Keeping children home when they are not feeling well / sick
  • Considering siblings when one child is sick and not sending family in when one child is sick
  • Calling 811 for guidance
  • Not mixing students on our playground before and after school (this would interrupt our classroom cohorts)
  • Not bringing in toys, balls, equipment from home (we will supply class cohorts with equipment soon)
  • Double checking your child has everything they need each day to minimize adults coming into the building to drop materials off
  • Sending students with more than one mask that fits their face in a clean bag, washing  / discarding masks after use
  • Sending personal hand sanitizers when possible (students can use these at their desks)
  • Emailing class teachers with concerns
  • Asking Grade 7 - 9 students not to go off campus to purchase lunch so our cohorts can be maintained
  • Sending students back to school at 1:18 if they eat at home
  • Understanding we cannot have adults in the building that do not work for the CBE at this time (we miss our parents and volunteers dearly)
  • Letting us know when your children need extra TLC
  • Limiting and keeping track of contacts with others outside of your family unit

Staff continue to minimize risk in our school by:

  • Entering and exiting the building slowly in classroom cohorts
  • Sanitizing hands upon entry
  • Ensuring masks are worn at all appropriate times
  • Mask safety lessons, monitoring and assistance for students
  • Frequent hand washing with soap and water
  • Separate Recess times for 1-5 and 6 - 9
  • Eating lunch in classrooms
  • Zoning students (rotating schedule) for recess/play times to keep cohorts from mixing
  • Cleaning of PE equipment used in between classes
  • No sharing of supplies / supplies provided for each student
  • No sharing of computers
  • Providing each child with an individual desk (no sharing)
  • Removing group tables, carpets, chairs with any fabrics
  • Sending students home when they are feeling sick or become ill, and follow up with parents and guardians
  • Not coming to school when sick and calling in subs
  • Having a COVID test before school began
  • Staff room changes to ensure safety between staff
  • Distancing and wearing masks
  • Limiting and keeping track of contacts with others outside of school 
  • If there is a case of Covid at School we will follow protocols set out by the Alberta Government K-12 School Re-entry; Alberta Government

    Alberta Government COVID  - Student Illness as outlined by Alberta Government 
    Student Illness

Class Changes

We have close to 30 students who have enrolled on Hub Online learning and have had some teacher and class changes to accommodate this in our budget:

  • Lisa Grant (grade 5 teacher) is supporting learners with  Hub Online this semester. There will not be a replacement teacher provided for our school and we have created Multi-age classrooms for grades 3, 4 and 5
  • Kate Blackburn (grade 9 Hum teacher) is supporting learners with Hub Online this semester - we will welcome a new teacher in her place and share with our community as soon as we have our new staff member placed at our school
  • Mrs. Toghyani (Educational Assistant) is on a personal leave until April and we welcome back Educational Assistant Dione Abalos who is working with our grade 4 / 5 Multi-Age class this term
  • We have combined grade 4 / 5 for a multi-age class taught by Mrs. Connell
  • We have combined 3 / 4 for a multi-age class taught by Ms. Popis
  • Both Mrs. Connell and Ms. Popis have had experience teaching multi-age classes (which are common in the CBE)
  • We will provide more information on Multi-age classes and curriculum to Grades 3, 4 and 5 in the weeks to come
    • Before we multi-aged classrooms we had 21 in Grade 3, 20 in Grade 4 and 15 students in Grade 5
    • Our Grade 6 - 9 students are in our Jr. High wheel and share Math / Science / Hum and Option teachers so we were not able to multi-age with grades 6 - 9 due to numbers and the dynamics at our school for students and staff
    • This was not expected and was not an easy decison to make. 
    • We will continue to do our best for all Rosedale Students with the support of parents and staff

Class sizes have been impacted and we are adhering to Alberta Government standards (link below) to minimize risk and maximize learning. Below are our class sizes currently attending school. Hub Online learning students are not included in this count and are enrolled in the Hub from September to the end of January.

KGr1Gr2Gr3 / 4Gr4 /5Gr6Gr7Gr8Gr9

Total - 207

Funding for schools occurs using the total number of students in the school. We have had some new registrations and will send final numbers in to the CBE on September 11th for funding for our 2020-2021 school year and also share these with our school community.

Alberta Government School Information on schools and physical distancing:

Schools will follow detailed health guidelines to prepare for the return of students. For example:

• More cleaning and disinfection of high touch areas and shared equipment

• Allow for physical distancing when possible, which may include:

- Stagger pick-up and drop-off times

- One-way or marked hallways and designated entrance and exit doors - Leave space between desks and tables

- Stagger start and end-times for classes and lunchtime to avoid crowded hallways and lunchrooms

- Limiting bathroom occupancy

• When physical distancing is not possible, extra emphasis will be on hand hygiene, covering coughs and sneezes, and cleaning.

• Students, where possible, will be cohorted by class

For more information visit the Parent Guide section on the Alberta Government page.

Short Walking Field Trips

  • We are using outdoor classrooms as much as possible but we have a wasp concern at this time and are being careful outside
  • Classes may take students within walking distance without filling out forms
    • If classes go off our school grounds you will receive an email and a written letter the day prior so you know where your child is at all times

School Council

Meetings will be online this year until further notice. All parents are welcome to attend. Links for our online meetings will be sent out in the Week At A Glance (weekly school update. We meet the third Wednesday of each month from 6:30 - 8pm.  

There will be some School council roles opening this year. More information will be shared out next week.

Dates for our meetings online will be:

September 16
October 21
November 18
January 20
February 17
March 16
April 21
May 19
June 16

Rosedale School Association

This group meets to discuss and approve how funding dollars from our Casino fundraisers are spent when requests are made by the school. More information to follow next week.

School Fundraisers

Grocery Cards - you get 100% of the card you purchase and our school gets a percentage! This fundraiser is at no cost to parents and raises money for class supplies and trips. 


Why order grocery cards? And why is it so important for the class of 2021? 

Rosedale School offers the entire school the opportunity to buy grocery gift cards. Some of you use these on a regular basis and some of you may not be familiar with them and their benefits.  

When you spend $100 to buy a grocery card, you get a $100 grocery card. The cards can be used in store or at the gas stations (and you will still earn store points such as PCpoints, Air Miles, CO-OP rewards). The grocery stores donate a certain percentage (it varies from 2%-10%) of the card purchases to the schoolThey are basically “free" money for the school.  The bigger our order for grocery cards, the greater the percentage the school gets back. Money earned through the grocery card program from most classes is pooled to benefit the entire school (art supplies, drama productions, math booklets, etc..).

All of the money that comes to the school through the purchase of gift cards by the Grade 9 student families, however, goes directly to the school trip fundraising account. Gift cards purchased through the school on a regular basis by Grade 9 families could result in us being able to add somewhere between $1,000 - $8,000 or more to our fundraising account by the end of our fundraising drive. Of course, it all depends on how many of us take part. If you increase your amount of monthly grocery gift cards purchases with family members, friends or neighbours who purchase through your 2021 fundraising family, then we benefit even further. And let's face it, in this time of quarantine, we all still need to eat! Money you already spend on groceries will subsidize the trip for the class.

Which stores are offering the grocery cards?
Safeway, Superstore, CO-OP, Shopper's Drug Mart and Lina's.  You can purchase cards in a variety of denominations.

How do you order grocery cards?
Rosedale school sends out a monthly grocery gift card order form. Fill out your form and email it to Janni Zemp or have your child give it to their class teacher to bring to the office.

Bottle Drives:

Thank you to our Grade 9 students for their work fundraising for their Grade 9 Trip at the end of the year. At this time we are not sure where our 9s will go but are fundraising with bottle drives and other events throughout the year.

If you plan to take in your bottles at throughout the year and want to donate the funds to our school, please take them to the North Hill Bottle Depot (336 41St Ave NE). We have set up an account called “Rosedale Sailors". All you have to do is tell the staff you'd like to donate your proceeds to the “Rosedale Sailors" and the profits will be put towards next year's trip!

2020-2021 Rosedale Bottle Drive Dates

Please put these Saturday 10am - 12:30pm dates on your calendar:

Sept 26
Oct 24
Jan 9
Feb 27
March 20
April 24

Supporting Other Children

Help other children in need at the CBE and Donate Bacpack Materials. Rosedale School accesses 'Education Matters' to provide backpacks and materials to some of our students each year. Please  CLICK HERE​ to see how you can help.


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What’s the best way to know how something works? … take it apart and look inside. Our 8s had the chance to dissect sheep and horse eyes to see how each part work together. #yycbe #wearecbe #edchat #sciencechat https://t.co/2tvI7TChoZ

Today our 9s explored indigenous ways of knowing in geometry. We used Math in a Cultural Context to learn how we can make circles using only our knuckle and a pair of scissors. #yycbe #wearecbe #mathchat #edchat @UsihChristopher RT #IndigenousPeoplesDay https://t.co/19sTyB6Zun https://t.co/ptbcqNNJXI

Rosedale Middle School Students in grades 6-9 are powering through their last full week of the 2021-22 year by showing School Spirit! We'll be kicking off the week by dressing like our favourite character from a show, book, history, band, or so much more on Monday! https://t.co/obI185VaSH

Our 8s were diving into the science and social issues of filtering unsanitary water. Clean and safe drinking water is something we take for granted but for almost 1 billion people around the world this isn’t the case. #yycbe #wearecbe #edchat https://t.co/lgDCakPpnf

Strong mental math skills start and end with the use games and manipulatives. Games like totality build resilience to create stronger understanding of number sense. #yyccbe #wearecbe #math #maths #edchat #mathchat https://t.co/4U6dyxUQyU