Sep 07
Rosedale School

​September 2020

Dear Rosedale Families,

We have enjoyed our first week back with students!  It was wonderful to see how much they have grown, hear stories of summer and hear laughter in our halls again. Enjoy the long weekend, no school on Monday, September 7th, and we look forward to resuming again on Tuesday, September 8th.

A weekly email will go home from the school for parents to read and stay informed. Staff will begin their weekly updates to classes within the next two weeks. It has been a busy start up and we have focused mainly on health and wellness this week.

CBE information on Stage 1, 2 and 3 for minimizing risk during this time: CBE INFO We are currently in Stage 1.See the CBE re-entry videos for more information.

School calendar  - ROSEDALE CALENDAR

Start-up packages will come out for your family next week to fill out forms etc.

In this message you will find information about:

Minimizing Risk (Parents and Staff)
Class Changes and Numbers
Alberta Government School Information on schools and physical distancing
Short Walking Field Trips
School Council
Grade 9 Sailing Meeting Online September 9th
School Fundraisers (Bottle Drive and Grocery Cards)
Supporting Other Children - donate today and see how to help other CBE students 

Thank you for helping minimize risks to our students by:

  • Using the daily COVID checklist
  • Covid tests when necessary
  • Having your children go home for lunch if they can
  • Calling and or emailing in your questions and concerns (contact class teacher, office, Principal or Assistant Principal - email lists on our website)
  • Putting a mask on your child when they arrive at school (please make sure your child is wearing a mask that fits before they get in line to enter the school)
  • Parents / guardians wearing masks when picking up and dropping off children (we all need masks to model safety) when on school grounds
  • Keeping children home when they are not feeling well / sick
  • Considering siblings when one child is sick and not sending family in when one child is sick
  • Calling 811 for guidance
  • Not mixing students on our playground before and after school (this would interrupt our classroom cohorts)
  • Not bringing in toys, balls, equipment from home (we will supply class cohorts with equipment soon)
  • Double checking your child has everything they need each day to minimize adults coming into the building to drop materials off
  • Sending students with more than one mask that fits their face in a clean bag, washing  / discarding masks after use
  • Sending personal hand sanitizers when possible (students can use these at their desks)
  • Emailing class teachers with concerns
  • Asking Grade 7 - 9 students not to go off campus to purchase lunch so our cohorts can be maintained
  • Sending students back to school at 1:18 if they eat at home
  • Understanding we cannot have adults in the building that do not work for the CBE at this time (we miss our parents and volunteers dearly)
  • Letting us know when your children need extra TLC
  • Limiting and keeping track of contacts with others outside of your family unit

Staff continue to minimize risk in our school by:

  • Entering and exiting the building slowly in classroom cohorts
  • Sanitizing hands upon entry
  • Ensuring masks are worn at all appropriate times
  • Mask safety lessons, monitoring and assistance for students
  • Frequent hand washing with soap and water
  • Separate Recess times for 1-5 and 6 - 9
  • Eating lunch in classrooms
  • Zoning students (rotating schedule) for recess/play times to keep cohorts from mixing
  • Cleaning of PE equipment used in between classes
  • No sharing of supplies / supplies provided for each student
  • No sharing of computers
  • Providing each child with an individual desk (no sharing)
  • Removing group tables, carpets, chairs with any fabrics
  • Sending students home when they are feeling sick or become ill, and follow up with parents and guardians
  • Not coming to school when sick and calling in subs
  • Having a COVID test before school began
  • Staff room changes to ensure safety between staff
  • Distancing and wearing masks
  • Limiting and keeping track of contacts with others outside of school 
  • If there is a case of Covid at School we will follow protocols set out by the Alberta Government K-12 School Re-entry; Alberta Government

    Alberta Government COVID  - Student Illness as outlined by Alberta Government 
    Student Illness

Class Changes

We have close to 30 students who have enrolled on Hub Online learning and have had some teacher and class changes to accommodate this in our budget:

  • Lisa Grant (grade 5 teacher) is supporting learners with  Hub Online this semester. There will not be a replacement teacher provided for our school and we have created Multi-age classrooms for grades 3, 4 and 5
  • Kate Blackburn (grade 9 Hum teacher) is supporting learners with Hub Online this semester - we will welcome a new teacher in her place and share with our community as soon as we have our new staff member placed at our school
  • Mrs. Toghyani (Educational Assistant) is on a personal leave until April and we welcome back Educational Assistant Dione Abalos who is working with our grade 4 / 5 Multi-Age class this term
  • We have combined grade 4 / 5 for a multi-age class taught by Mrs. Connell
  • We have combined 3 / 4 for a multi-age class taught by Ms. Popis
  • Both Mrs. Connell and Ms. Popis have had experience teaching multi-age classes (which are common in the CBE)
  • We will provide more information on Multi-age classes and curriculum to Grades 3, 4 and 5 in the weeks to come
    • Before we multi-aged classrooms we had 21 in Grade 3, 20 in Grade 4 and 15 students in Grade 5
    • Our Grade 6 - 9 students are in our Jr. High wheel and share Math / Science / Hum and Option teachers so we were not able to multi-age with grades 6 - 9 due to numbers and the dynamics at our school for students and staff
    • This was not expected and was not an easy decison to make. 
    • We will continue to do our best for all Rosedale Students with the support of parents and staff

Class sizes have been impacted and we are adhering to Alberta Government standards (link below) to minimize risk and maximize learning. Below are our class sizes currently attending school. Hub Online learning students are not included in this count and are enrolled in the Hub from September to the end of January.

KGr1Gr2Gr3 / 4Gr4 /5Gr6Gr7Gr8Gr9

Total - 207

Funding for schools occurs using the total number of students in the school. We have had some new registrations and will send final numbers in to the CBE on September 11th for funding for our 2020-2021 school year and also share these with our school community.

Alberta Government School Information on schools and physical distancing:

Schools will follow detailed health guidelines to prepare for the return of students. For example:

• More cleaning and disinfection of high touch areas and shared equipment

• Allow for physical distancing when possible, which may include:

- Stagger pick-up and drop-off times

- One-way or marked hallways and designated entrance and exit doors - Leave space between desks and tables

- Stagger start and end-times for classes and lunchtime to avoid crowded hallways and lunchrooms

- Limiting bathroom occupancy

• When physical distancing is not possible, extra emphasis will be on hand hygiene, covering coughs and sneezes, and cleaning.

• Students, where possible, will be cohorted by class

For more information visit the Parent Guide section on the Alberta Government page.

Short Walking Field Trips

  • We are using outdoor classrooms as much as possible but we have a wasp concern at this time and are being careful outside
  • Classes may take students within walking distance without filling out forms
    • If classes go off our school grounds you will receive an email and a written letter the day prior so you know where your child is at all times

School Council

Meetings will be online this year until further notice. All parents are welcome to attend. Links for our online meetings will be sent out in the Week At A Glance (weekly school update. We meet the third Wednesday of each month from 6:30 - 8pm.  

There will be some School council roles opening this year. More information will be shared out next week.

Dates for our meetings online will be:

September 16
October 21
November 18
January 20
February 17
March 16
April 21
May 19
June 16

Rosedale School Association

This group meets to discuss and approve how funding dollars from our Casino fundraisers are spent when requests are made by the school. More information to follow next week.

School Fundraisers

Grocery Cards - you get 100% of the card you purchase and our school gets a percentage! This fundraiser is at no cost to parents and raises money for class supplies and trips. 


Why order grocery cards? And why is it so important for the class of 2021? 

Rosedale School offers the entire school the opportunity to buy grocery gift cards. Some of you use these on a regular basis and some of you may not be familiar with them and their benefits.  

When you spend $100 to buy a grocery card, you get a $100 grocery card. The cards can be used in store or at the gas stations (and you will still earn store points such as PCpoints, Air Miles, CO-OP rewards). The grocery stores donate a certain percentage (it varies from 2%-10%) of the card purchases to the schoolThey are basically “free" money for the school.  The bigger our order for grocery cards, the greater the percentage the school gets back. Money earned through the grocery card program from most classes is pooled to benefit the entire school (art supplies, drama productions, math booklets, etc..).

All of the money that comes to the school through the purchase of gift cards by the Grade 9 student families, however, goes directly to the school trip fundraising account. Gift cards purchased through the school on a regular basis by Grade 9 families could result in us being able to add somewhere between $1,000 - $8,000 or more to our fundraising account by the end of our fundraising drive. Of course, it all depends on how many of us take part. If you increase your amount of monthly grocery gift cards purchases with family members, friends or neighbours who purchase through your 2021 fundraising family, then we benefit even further. And let's face it, in this time of quarantine, we all still need to eat! Money you already spend on groceries will subsidize the trip for the class.

Which stores are offering the grocery cards?
Safeway, Superstore, CO-OP, Shopper's Drug Mart and Lina's.  You can purchase cards in a variety of denominations.

How do you order grocery cards?
Rosedale school sends out a monthly grocery gift card order form. Fill out your form and email it to Janni Zemp or have your child give it to their class teacher to bring to the office.

Bottle Drives:

Thank you to our Grade 9 students for their work fundraising for their Grade 9 Trip at the end of the year. At this time we are not sure where our 9s will go but are fundraising with bottle drives and other events throughout the year.

If you plan to take in your bottles at throughout the year and want to donate the funds to our school, please take them to the North Hill Bottle Depot (336 41St Ave NE). We have set up an account called “Rosedale Sailors". All you have to do is tell the staff you'd like to donate your proceeds to the “Rosedale Sailors" and the profits will be put towards next year's trip!

2020-2021 Rosedale Bottle Drive Dates

Please put these Saturday 10am - 12:30pm dates on your calendar:

Sept 26
Oct 24
Jan 9
Feb 27
March 20
April 24

Supporting Other Children

Help other children in need at the CBE and Donate Bacpack Materials. Rosedale School accesses 'Education Matters' to provide backpacks and materials to some of our students each year. Please  CLICK HERE​ to see how you can help.


Aug 26
2020-2021 Welcome Back Information

Dear Rosedale Families,

Our 2020-2021 year has begun and we are confident we will be able to follow Stage One re-entry protocols set out by the CBE to ensure we minimize health risks while maximizing the learning in our building. Please ensure you are signed up for our Rosedale School Emails by signing up for MyCBE messages.

CBE Stage One Re-Entry Plan​

MyCBE Link​

To allow for a smooth transition back, we will have a staggered entry to begin our year together. We have emailed staggered dates out to families for Tuesday, September 1st and Wednesday September 2nd. Kindergarten will has two staggered groups and families were emailed dates out.


Grade 1 - 9 classes over the first two days of school as follows:


Staggered Entry List

We will bring half of each homeroom class in on the first day and half of the class in on the second day. To keep numbers of students in each homeroom even on each day we have made the following table (with doors students will enter/exit) :

Tuesday, September 1stWednesday, September 2nd

Grade 1

Use parking lot doors

Last names A - PLast names Q - Z

Grade 2

Use regularSE  door

Last names A - LLast names M - Z

Grade 3

Use regular SE door

Last names A - K
Last names L - Z

Grade 4

Use regular SE door

Last names A - LLast names M - Z

Grade 5

Use office door

Last names A - KLast names L - Z

Grade 6

Use office door

Last names A - KLast names L - Z

Grade 7

Jr. High Doors

Last names A - K Last names L - Z

Grade 8

Jr. High Doors

Last names A - KLast names L - Z

Grade 9

Jr. High Doors

Last names A - HLast names I - Z

Parents of Kindergarten students have been sent a staggered entry lists, in June, which we will continue to use. 

  • Thursday, September 3rd - all grade 1 - 9 students 
  • Friday, September 4th - all grade 1 - 9 students

Our full teaching staff will return August 27th for training and preparation for your children. You will receive an email from your class teacher next week. 

Thank you for your continued communication and support as we work together.



Susan Faulkner
Rosedale School  



Sep 01
2019-2020 Fall News

"Kindess is a passport that opens doors and fashions friends. ​It softens hearts and molds relationships that can last lifetimes".

Joseph B Wirthlin 

Parents and guardians of students at Rosedale School,

Welcome back for an exciting year at Rosedale School.​ We hope you have enjoyed a lovely summer with family and friends! Our 2019-2020 year is about to begin on, Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019 and we are looking forward to a fabulous year of teaching and learning together. 


Tuesday, September 3rd is our first day back and staff have been preparing for our new school year. 2019-2020 – can you believe we are almost in 2020?!

Kindergarten will meet at the front office doors to be greeted by Mrs. Chopra and Mrs. Brattle. Grade 1 – 9 students will meet at the basketball court to find their teacher and head inside at 8:25am. Staff will be outside on the playground at 8:10am.  School is a full day 8:30am  – 3:15pm!


Our school’s webpage is a great place to look for updates and information. Some of the information that can be found include the 2019-20 calendar, athletics information, contacts, and, new for this year, Teacher Blogs. Teacher blogs will be completed weekly and update parents on what has happened in the classroom and what is to come. This will replace the weekly email teachers sent out last year – same amount of information housed and archived on our school website. Please visit the Rosedale School homepage to access all of the information and for teacher communication via blogs, select the Teaching and Learning tab and then click on Classes and Departments


We will continue to email out the Week At A Glance for parents and gaurdians. Monthly principal reports can be found on our website in the Parent Council section under Get Involved.


Grade 6 students, lead by Mrs. Ursenbach,  will work with each class at Rosedale to write a newspaper article which they will submit to the Rosedale Reporter. This is a fantastic opportunity for our Grade 6 students to practice Newspaper writing skills required for their Provincial Achievment Test in June.



We have made adjustments to our teaching and learning framework (schedule) which will continue to meet the needs of all of our students at Rosedale School. Please join us in welcoming Mr. Gordon, our new Assistant Principal teaching Math 7, 8 & 9, options, and some PE, Mrs. Connell, teaching grade 3, and Mrs. Ursehbach teaching Humanities 6 & 7, Music 5 & 6, and options. We have created teaching assignments to maximize student engagement while highlighting teacher passions and skill sets.


Homeroom and other assignments

 Kindergarten – Mrs. Chopra and Support Staff Mrs. Brattle

Grade 1 – Mrs. Rathje (Learning Leader for K – 4)

Grade 2 – Mrs. Rita (Gainer) 

Art option

Grade 3 – Mrs. Connell

Grade 4 – Mrs. Popis

Educational Assistant – Mrs. Toghyani

Grade 5 – Ms. Grant (Learning Leader for technology and math K – 9)

Computer Science option term one

Grade 6 – Mr. Krar

Yoga option term two

Grade 7 – Mrs. Ursenbach (Learning Leader for 5 – 9)

Creative Writing option

Handbells option

Grade 8 – Mrs. Fox (Resource for Grade 1 – 5)

Grade 9 – Mrs. Blackburn

French / Spanish option

Physical Education - Mr. Senek

Guitar option

 Outdoor Education option

Literacy – Linda Trask and Support Staff Mrs. Murphy

 Mr. Gordon – 7, 8 & 9 Math (Resource K – 9)

 Photography option

Excellence in Sports option

Ms. Faulkner – Principal (Resource K – 9)

Foods Option

Music (Grades 1-4)

Anne Hodgeson – Artist In Residence (she’s back – thank you to Parent Council!)

Oct to November - Remembrance Day 

​ November to December -  Winter Celebration


All students will have daily Physical Education

We were able to bring back our Literacy Specialist, Linda Trask

Parents and teachers communicated the great value given to literacy

Daily Math (55 min daily for Grades 5-9)

We have changed Friday’s schedule from 6 periods to 4 so we have daily math

Class teachers and Ms. Faulkner will teach music K-4

We hope to receive funding for a half time music teacher in October

Ms. Faulkner, Mr. Gordon, Mrs. Fox and Mrs. Ursenbach are part of our resource team to support our learners

We will focus on Growth Mindset and Virtues as a school this year (our first virtue is kindness)


Students in grades 6 - 9 will bring home Option selection forms on Wednesday, September 4th. These forms wil need to come back to school by Friday, September 6th so students can be given option assignments on Monday, September 9th.

We waited for the beginning of the school year to sort options for our students so we could ensure that students had some say in what was offered and that teachers were teaching to their skill sets. With key new staff joinging our school this process is a bit later than most years and will affect when fees are confirmed in the system.  


Over the summer you may have watched construction happening at the school. We are having our parking lot re-constructed. The new parking lot will be designed with safety in mind and will provide an even surface when entering and exiting the school. Construction is scheduled to be completed before November.

This has involved closure to part our our field as irrigation was involved. The alley on the East side of the school may also be closed during part of the construction. Residents will be informed of any closures as needed.  We have a temporary staff parking lot set up in the west field. For traffic and safety reasons, please do not enter or exit the field through this lot on foot to get to school. The CBE has worked closely with the City of Calgary and we are looking forward to our new parking lot this fall.

Please let your family know about the construction and speak together about construction safety and the importance of staying away from the site until it is completed.


Thank you, parents and guardians for continuing to check in at the office when you visit the school. It is so important that all adults in the building are signed in, have a pass and are welcomed by the office. 

Until construction is completed we will ask our students to use the following doors:

  • Kindergarten – Front Doors to enter and exit
  • Lunch – Front Doors for K – 5 to exit if going home at 12:30
  • K – 4 – Southwest doors by playground when bell goes (around fences)
  • Grades 5 & 8 Front Doors (locker access) 
  • 6, 7 – 9 Southeast doors 

For more information please attend our School Council meeting on Wednesday, September 18th from 7pm – 8:30pm in the Learning Commons (library).

Thank you for your continued support and patience while construction is underway.


Susan Faulkner        


Rosedale School


Jan 13
Winter News

‘The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.’ 

Coretta Scott King

Dear Rosedale families and community members,

A big thank you to all for warmly welcoming me this fall to an outstanding school community. The combined efforts of the students, staff, parents, guardians and community members made our fall a great success. We’ve had much to learn together, loads to celebrate and plenty to anticipate in the next half of our school year to come.

We began our year coming together for Rosedale’s yearly community pancake breakfast fundraiser, which was a great success and a wonderful way to meet everyone in the Rosedale School community. Thank you to all the parent volunteers and organizers for continuing this tradition of sharing food together. After breakfast there was a tug–o– war event, followed by our Terry Fox Run through the Rosedale community and the students were cheered on by homeowners throughout the streets, ringing bells and encouraging runners on.

Learning opportunities were in abundance this Autumn. Highlights, sponsored by our Parent Council (funded by events supported by our Casino and other fundraisers), included: a Beakerhead presentation focusing on Science, The Escape Room (grades 5 – 9) focusing on History, a Hoop Dancer and school performance (Grades 1- 9) focusing on PE, History and the Arts and a presentation on Internet Safety. Some of our students attended a live theatre performance of “Inner Elder” at Crescent Heights High School. There was a swimming program at SAIT, an Earth Rangers Presentation with live animals, an Owl Presentation with a rescued owl, a reptile presentation with snakes and a very calm tarantula. Other highlights included an Indigenous artifact presentation, an appearance by World War II pilot Mr. Kearl and his wife Mrs Kearl, a visit by a Calgary Flames player and our surprise Stampeder assembly with two Calgary Stampeders. So many rich learning opportunities to be had this past season!

Congratulations to both our Girls’ and Boys’ volleyball teams for their true understanding and demonstration of teamwork. Students representing Rosedale on our volleyball teams worked together, encouraged each other and showed compassion for others while demonstrating their athletic abilities under the leadership of their coaches. Many thanks to the staff and Rosedale family members who volunteered their time to make a difference. Both teams achieved greatness and won the Division 5 Champions! We look forward to hanging their banners in the gymnasium.

Events organized by students, families and staff were also met with great success. Under the lead of a parent and a team of volunteers, a student inspired Halloween Dance took place allowing students and families to enjoy a night of dancing, costumes, conversations and snacks. Our Grade 9 Sailing group, run by volunteer parents, hosted two successful family movie nights and a Fall Dinner/Silent Auction to raise money for their trip this April. Many community members, Rosedale alumni and families thoroughly enjoyed these events!

Our Remembrance Day Assembly was brought together under the leadership and inspiration of Anne Hodgeson, who spent her summer taking part in a teacher professional development program in Juno Beach. Students demonstrated a deep understanding of World War I and II through original poems, a drama presentation and hand bell pieces, all of which captivated their audience and had many in tears. Rosedale students commanded the stage as if it were Theatre Calgary and confidently modeled to our younger students how to demonstrate their learning. 

Rosedale, we have talent! The Winter Concert provided an opportunity for the musical talents of all of our student to shine! Highlighted by a pop-up choir, inspired by our Jr. High students, narrators, hand bells and the bag pipes; our concert led us all into the winter break with warm hearts.

I’m looking forward to finishing a wonderful winter and starting spring at Rosedale together with students, staff, parents and guardians. For updates on what is happening next at Rosedale, please read the monthly principal reports presented at Parent Council meetings (attachments on our Parent Council section of the website), or better yet, come and hear all about it, have a voice and learn how you can contribute to our wonderful community of life-long learners.


Susan Faulkner



Sep 03

​​"Today is your day, your mountain is waiting. So get on your way!" 

Dr. Seuss

Rosedale families,

Welcome to our 2018 - 2019 year together at Rosedale School! 

I hope you have enjoyed your summer with family and friends! Our school year is beginning and our talented and dedicated staff have been busy in the building preparing for a significant year of teaching and learning. Our calendar is quickly filling up with exciting events for all of our students with direct links to the curriculum engaging our students in meaningful learning opportunities. 

I want to thank the Rosedale Parent Council for providing a generous and beautiful breakfast for our staff on the 29th of August - delicious!  I look forward to meeting parents at our first Parent Council meeting, the Rosedale Association meeting this September or at Meet The Teacher on September 27th (4:30 - 6 pm). 

There are a few changes to staff this year! I would like to welcome back Weronika Popis who will be teaching our Grade 4 students. New to our team this year we have Andrew Clapperton in Kindergarten, Linda Trask as our Elementary Literacy support teacher and Mitra Toghyani as our new Educational Assistant. 

This will be my first year at Rosedale School and I am truly honored to join the team - standing beside students, teachers and parents.  I want to thank the community and staff for giving me such a warm welcome. The support your community provides is outstanding. I have already met with Todd Houston (Chair) and Brian Deschamps (Co-chair) of the Parent Council and know how supportive and caring the community is. I am impressed at the level of dedication, professionalism and teaching skills at Rosedale. Your children are in strong loving hands each and every day. What a wonderful learning community! 

My goal over the next few weeks is to understand who our learners are at Rosedale. I will be in classrooms working with students and staff as we work together to create life long learners - divergent thinkers and future leaders. It will be a busy year and I look forward to working with each and everyone.

Thank you for trusting your children to our devoted staff who work closely with your children to encourage independence and success at Rosedale. 


Ms. Faulkner 




May 31
June message

Hello Rosedale Families,


“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”

-       Winnie the Pooh


June is finally upon us and the end of the 2017-18 School is drawing near.


While there is still plenty of activity in the month of June and we will be busy right until the end of the month, I think it is important to remark on how great the past year has been, how lucky we are to be a part of the Rosedale School Community and just how much we have grown and learned in the last ten months.


I once heard someone remark that ‘the days are long but the years are short’ and as I sit here writing my final newsletter for Rosedale School I can’t help but agree. (Although writing in my office when the sun is bearing down with +28 degree heat in an old building with poor circulation might lend itself to why my days feel long right now…).


Joking aside, each day at Rosedale has been absolutely jammed packed with 250 individuals, each bringing their own story to share and experiences to garner; it is no wonder that each day feels long. The amount of growth and learning that takes place each day is astounding.


It is not until I take a moment to pause that I begin to notice the pant legs that only reach to the ankles, the new shoes acquired as the old ones have umpteen holes in them, the sudden ability of someone to reach the next shelf in the library and the faces of young adults suddenly appearing where kids faces used to be. It is then I begin to wonder how the time could have flown by so quickly.


All I know is that, whether it was short time or a long time, it was good time.




Graeme Finlay


Apr 20
Welcome to Our New Online Home

Hello and welcome to our new website.

The change is part of a system-wide upgrade of all CBE school websites to a new standard. While any technology change takes some getting used to, we hope you'll appreciate the new features such as being able to view it on your smart phone, and being able to find anything on the site using the search tool at the top of the page.

I invite you to explore the pages and check back often for the most current information about Rosedale School. You can also watch this space for periodic updates and announcements of school-wide importance. Thanks and come back soon!​​​

Mr. Finlay

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RT @yyCBEdu: Snow & cooler temperatures are in the forecast for #yyc. This can make getting to and from school more challenging. Mare sure your children are prepared for all weather conditions. Check out our winter weather reminders: #yycbe #WeAreCBE

The Grade 2 Thunderbirds are learning about small flying and crawling insects. We are blown away by their scientific exploration and can’t wait to read about what they have discovered!

RT @CrescentCowboys: A reminder to our Crescent families to wear an orange shirt tomorrow. #WeAreCBE #CowboyNation

RT @yyCBEdu: Reminder Sept. 30 is Orange Shirt Day. It is an opportunity for all people to come together in the spirit of reconciliation. #WeAreCBE

Rosedale Grade 9s share their thoughts on quality of life and identity: