Lunch Supervision

Students choosing to eat lunch at school must be registered in the lunch room program and must pay the appropriate fees. Students from Grades 1-9 can attend the Lunch Supervision Program either regularly or on a drop-in basis. The fee is set by the CBE and lunchroom fees may be paid online. See more on our Lunch Supervision page.

Junior high students who live in the immediate vicinity of the school are strongly encouraged to go home for lunch. A supervised lunch room is provided for those students who live too far away. A $30 lunch room activity fee should be paid by all junior high students accessing the lunch room program.

Students attending the lunch supervision program:

  • Are expected to follow the same rules and expectations as during regular school hours.
  • Must inform the lunch room staff if they will not be in attendance. It is the parents' responsibility to inform the school if their child will not be eating in the lunch room.
  • Not leave the lunch room until dismissed by supervisor (12:55 pm)
  • Once dismissed from the lunch room all students must go outside unless they are working under the direct supervision of a teacher. The library is open at lunchtime for junior high students wishing to complete assignments in a quiet environment.
  • Students in Grades 1-6 may not leave the school grounds during lunchtime without prior permission. Students in Grades 7-9 are permitted to leave cam pus at lunch.


We are Allergy Aware and students with allergies have the opportunity to eat at a separate table inside each lunchroom. Parents must indicate any special health concerns on the school registration for their child and are encouraged to ensure classroom teachers are also aware of health issues. For more information about this and other health concerns visit our Illness & Medical page.

Fun Lunches

Fun lunches give our students an opportunity to eat lunch, socialize with their friends at school and take part in special activities. Check our website Calendar for upcoming fun lunches.

Weather Preparedness at Recess and Lunch

All elementary students are expected to go outside for morning and lunch recess every day. Junior High students are asked to go outside as well. All students need to be suitably dressed for the weather so that they may have an active outdoor recess. An indoor recess and lunch are held when weather conditions pose a safety concern.

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