There is an active program of teams, clubs, intramurals, and music and drama activities during noon hour and after school. Every school sponsored activity will be supervised by a teacher with parent volunteer support when possible. Students may participate in any and all appropriate extra-curricular activities, provided such participation does not seriously interfere with their schoolwork. Students are reminded that participation in an activity is a commitment as well as a privilege, and conflict with other activities should be avoided. Some extra-curricular activities will charge a fee to cover material costs, referee costs, entry fees, and uniform replacement.

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Thank you Rosedale Families for donating items for our Christmas Hampers. Heartland Everstart Christmas Hamper Program is thankful. 🎄 ❤️ 🎅 https://t.co/rTk1O7FxWd

Grade 4-5 multi-age class creates their own original play! What happens when Covid comes to Santa’s workshop? The Elves create a vaccine for Santa to deliver. Bravo to our Rosedale playwrights / performers! https://t.co/KG4wAGFthu

Grade One art for the holidays! https://t.co/iu243zywW8