​One way parents/guardians can make a meaningful difference for students is by participating on our school’s parent society. Parent societies are a formal group of parents, incorporated under the Societies Act for the purpose of raising funds for the school. A society is a separate legal entity from the school council. More information can be found in our CBE Administrative Regulation 5001 – School Councils and School/Parent Societies.​​

Parent Society

Our Parent Society is known as  the Rosedale School Association (RSA).

The RSA consists of a group of parents that organizes parent participation in casinos which take place every two years – the proceeds from which support enriching programs at Rosedale school. The RSA administrates the money that is received from those casinos in compliance with Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission regulations. Rosedale School Association is a registered society.

The efforts of both Rosedale School Council and Rosedale School Association have provided our students with valuable tools and experiences to enhance student learning. Purchases have included:

* Chrome Books
* Math workbooks
* Online apps for students (Raz Kids reading program for K - 4)
* Diagnostic reading assessment kits
* Levelled readers
* Technology Equipment
* Learning Commons Renovations (Library)

Many of these are utilized daily by our children to enhance their learning. To learn more about purchased items, please read the Parent Council minutes and the Principal Reports. 

Meeting Schedule

See our Calendar page for dates and times.

Our Members 2022-23

Chair: Scott Fulton
Vice Chair: Denise McCrea
Treasurer:  Christine MacDonald
Secretary: Stephanie Dolce
Casino Chair: Angela Ng

Director At Large:
Bal Kooner

Contact the Parent Society

Email: rosedaleschoolcouncil@gmail.com  

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