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Kamal Chopra-Bhamra

Grade 1

Marilyn Rathje

Grade 2

Rita Gainer

Grade 3

Weronika Popis

Grade 4

Brittany Connell

Grade 5

     Physical Education

Lisa Grant

Grade 6

     Science 6-9

     Math 6


Jeff Krar

Grade 7

     Humanities 6-7


Lynne Ursenbach

Grade 8

     Humanities 8


Brinsley Fox

Grade 9

     Humanities 9

     Second Languages

Kate Blackburn

Physical Education

Tom Senek

Assistant Principal

     Math 6-9


     Physical Education

Kurt Gordon


Susan Faulkner

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Thank you Rosedale Families for donating items for our Christmas Hampers. Heartland Everstart Christmas Hamper Program is thankful. 🎄 ❤️ 🎅 https://t.co/rTk1O7FxWd

Grade 4-5 multi-age class creates their own original play! What happens when Covid comes to Santa’s workshop? The Elves create a vaccine for Santa to deliver. Bravo to our Rosedale playwrights / performers! https://t.co/KG4wAGFthu

Grade One art for the holidays! https://t.co/iu243zywW8