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Kamal Chopra-Bhamra

Grade 1

Marilyn Rathje

Grade 2

Rita Gainer

Grade 3

Weronika Popis

Grade 4

Brittany Connell

Grade 5

Lisa Grant

Grade 6

     Science 6-7

     Math 6-7


Jeff Krar

Grade 6
     Humanities 6
     Options 6
Judith Hissen

Grade 7

     Humanities 7 and 9


     Music 3-6

Iain McNaughton

Grade 8

     Humanities 8

Brinsley Fox

Grade 9

     Math 8-9

     Science 8-9


Nicholas Moskaluk

Physical Education

Tom Senek

Assistant Principal

     Physical Education

Kurt Gordon


     Music 1-2

Susan Faulkner

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What’s the best way to know how something works? … take it apart and look inside. Our 8s had the chance to dissect sheep and horse eyes to see how each part work together. #yycbe #wearecbe #edchat #sciencechat https://t.co/2tvI7TChoZ

Today our 9s explored indigenous ways of knowing in geometry. We used Math in a Cultural Context to learn how we can make circles using only our knuckle and a pair of scissors. #yycbe #wearecbe #mathchat #edchat @UsihChristopher RT #IndigenousPeoplesDay https://t.co/19sTyB6Zun https://t.co/ptbcqNNJXI

Rosedale Middle School Students in grades 6-9 are powering through their last full week of the 2021-22 year by showing School Spirit! We'll be kicking off the week by dressing like our favourite character from a show, book, history, band, or so much more on Monday! https://t.co/obI185VaSH

Our 8s were diving into the science and social issues of filtering unsanitary water. Clean and safe drinking water is something we take for granted but for almost 1 billion people around the world this isn’t the case. #yycbe #wearecbe #edchat https://t.co/lgDCakPpnf

Strong mental math skills start and end with the use games and manipulatives. Games like totality build resilience to create stronger understanding of number sense. #yyccbe #wearecbe #math #maths #edchat #mathchat https://t.co/4U6dyxUQyU