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Parent Support for learning at Rosedale School

The following ideas, developed collaboratively with parents, reflect ways that parents can be directly involved in supporting learning for their students:

  • Ensure that students attend school regularly and on time.           
  • Ensure that students arrive at school properly rested, nourished, groomed, and dressed.
  • Contact the school when it is necessary for students to be absent or late.
  • Base staff-parent contact on mutual trust and respect.
  • Provide information necessary for understanding each student's behaviour and learning needs.
  • Keep informed of student's education programs, progress, and achievements.
  • Participate in parent-teacher conferences and other programs for parents at the school.
  • Respond to communication from the school.
  • Encourage the value of life-long learning through active involvement and support of the school program.
  • Support and encourage respect for positive for student behaviour
  • Encourage home study through active support.
  • Be aware of your student's out of school activities and friends.   
  • Act as an advocate for your child.           
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