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March and April Lost and Hopefully Found
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CBE Schools Raise $163,886 for Cancer Research
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Grades 7-12 Move to At-Home Learning Starting Monday, April 19
  • Reminder | Fees & Waivers

  • March and April Lost and Hopefully Found

  • CBE Schools Raise $163,886 for Cancer Research

  • Grades 7-12 Move to At-Home Learning Starting Monday, April 19

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Principal's Message

February Principal Message

"We are diverse, all of us. We all have strengths, we all have stretches and we all need to get better at something. The difference in teaching to diversity, however, is that we don't start with our deficits, we start with our strengths" - Shelley Moore
Oki, Tunsai, Danit'ada, Taanishi, Bonjour, and Hello Rosemont Families,
At our last School Council meeting, I had the privilege of sharing the progress staff and students have made towards our two learning goals as outlined in our School Development Plan. Rosemont school staff are committed to continuous improvement, as Dylan William shared, “Every teacher needs to improve, not because they are not good enough, but because they can be even better." I would like to share more about the progress make towards our well-being for learning goal. When students feel they belong and are cared for in a welcome, safe and respectful learning environment, student achievement will improve. The 2020-2023 School development plan can be found here, on our Rosemont School website: 
Well-Being for Learning
Our well-being for learning goal is, increasing the number of students, in keeping with their individual abilities and gifts, who feel a sense of belonging and have positive relationships with their peers and school staff. To meet this goal, we have committed to key instructional actions, such as; participating in the Inclusive Education Community of Practice and CBE Bullying and Prevention Course, and using the Four Pillar of Education as a foundation for our Rosemont Days, and collective work as a school community.
Staff participated in the CBE's Inclusive Education Community of Practice, Guiding Framework for Inclusive Education to develop common understanding and language about inclusion and the benefits of creating learning environments that value student diversity. Specific to this, we further dove into understanding the learning environment, regulation, curriculum adaptions, and student voice.
Staff also completed the CBE Bullying and Prevention Course and developed a common understanding of the following, “What is conflict, rude, aggressive or bullying behaviors?" This is language we use with students. The Education Act, and all Alberta school boards including the CBE, define bullying as repeated and hostile or demeaning behavior by an individual in the school community where the behavior is intended to cause harm, fear or distress to one or more other individuals in the school community, including psychological harm or harm to an individual's reputation. Bullying is not a normal part of growing up and does not build character. Although conflict, rude, and aggressive behaviours are not bullying, they also must be addressed as they can be hurtful.  Students and staff work together to ensure our school is a welcome, safe, respectful and caring environment.
During our Pink Shirt Day assembly, our Grade 4 and 5 students led this learning with our entire school. They shared their insights and perspectives on how Rosemont School is a kind, inclusive, and strong community. One way Grade 4 and 5 shared they will stop bullying is by building their ability to communication with each other, including active listening. They built a talking stick, adding details to it that represent each member of the classroom and it will be used during sharing circles or class meetings.  
We continue to build our collective understanding of the Four Pillars of Learning with a focus on Learning to Be, and Learning to Live Together. As a UNESCO candidate school, we are committed to developing our understanding of our place in the world, peace, intercultural dialogue, sustainable development and quality education. Mrs. Wenzel-Curtis shared a great video about UNESCO called, Learning to Live Together in Peace, Global Citizenship Education, please check it out here:  Our Grade 6 students led this work and have created a large display in the Learning Commons, making this visible for all students and staff.
Grade 6 students also taught our school about the national Moose Hide Campaign. In 2011, the campaign was born out of the hope an Indigenous man, Paul Lacerte and his daughter, Raven had to end violence towards women and children. Lacerte and Raven were hunting for moose near the Highway of Tears in British Columbia. The moose they hunted would feed their family for winter and pro vide a moose hide for cultural purposes. While they were there, they became aware of the sorrow inthe communities along this stretch highway. The Moose Hide Campaign aims to distribute 10 Million Moose Hide squares across Canada. Please see more information about the campaign here,
Lastly, students are growing in their understanding of how to recognize positive relationships. All students in Kindergarten to Grade 6 have participated in a Well-Being Student Survey to identify which behaviours or actions contribute to the feeling of belonging. For example, students in Division 1 have responded to the following statements; someone says thank you to me if I help them, I help my friend feel better when they are upset and I tell my friends what I like about them. Division 2 students have worked diligently to construct their own survey. Taking time to create a common understanding of the purpose of the survey. Grade 4, 5 and 6 students brainstormed questions that would provide them with a robust understanding of what belonging looks. Some of the questions they constructed are;  when I have a problem that is not about school work I  an get help from an adult at school, I have  a trusted peer at school that will support me, I know the expectations at school and make good choices and I show respect for my classmates cultures.
Please check out our @RosemontCBE Twitter page to see example of our latest work. 
Michelle Chastko
Principal, Rosemont School 

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