​We’re proud of our school and like to share our spirit.

School Spirit

Rosemont Red Foxes - 

Colours, Mascot, Logo, Motto, and Song

School Colours

After several consensus building conversations and an online survey, we determined our school colours should be red and gray: red for rose and gray for mont.

School Mascot

Our first brainstorming session resulted in more than 50 ideas. We've decided that red foxes are good representatives of Rosemont School because…

  • Red Foxes adapt quickly to new environments.
  • Red Foxes are resourceful and intelligent.
  • Red Foxes are red and gray.
  • Red Foxes are highly social with strong family ties.
  • Red Foxes stay together as a family with older siblings caring for kits along with their parents.
  • Red Foxes tend to live in stable communities.
  • Red Foxes are creative and persevere with many strategies to solve problems.
  • Red Foxes are agile and fast, strong and confident.
  • Red Foxes are friendly and work well as a team.
  • Red Foxes are essential participants in a healthy eco-system.
  • Red Foxes live in every province and territory in Canada.
  • Red Foxes thrive in rural, suburban, and urban areas.
  • Red Foxes love to play!
School Logo

Once we had decided that our school colours were red and gray and that our mascot was a red fox, we started work on our logo. We decided there should be two young foxes to represent our K-6 population along with our commitment to working together. The shape of the two foxes together forms a strong mountain, with their ears showing a mountain range. The Alberta wild rose connects us with the community. We decided the younger fox should be red and the older fox should be gray because that's what happens in nature. We wanted our foxes to look curious, alert, and ready for learning in a caring school community. It was important to us that everyone could see themselves in the logo either as a younger or older student, a student or teacher, or a student or parent.

We gathered feedback from students, parents, and staff throughout the many edits of our logo so everyone had a voice. Over the winter break, our logo was painted on the gym wall!

School Motto

Our last decision was to choose a motto. Our goal was to craft a motto that captured who we are and who we aspire to be at Rosemont School. Our new motto “Strength in Community” does just that and it's the first thing people see painted on our wall when they enter the building! From our engagement with parents at the January School Council Meeting, through consensus building conversations with students and teachers, Rosemont’s unique school community provided a fundamental definition of who we are. Many visitors to our school comment that we have a small town feel and that everyone knows and supports everybody – we all believe our community is one of the things that makes us special. It was also clear that whether we are collaborating with others or working individually, our strength lies in our ability to challenge and support each other to be our best. It’s wonderful to see our students living our motto and showing Strength in Community every day. 

School Song

During the 2018-2019 school year, students and teachers collaborated to write our school song.  Our focus was the UNESCO Pillars of Learning:  Learning to Know, Learning to Do, Learning to Be, and Learning to Live Together.  These Pillars provide the frame of our work together as a school community.

Learning to live together

Searching to know, to do, to be

I have my own perspective

What really matters to me?

This is what matters to me:

Belonging: we are family

Red foxes live together and so do we

To meet new friends, we sometimes roam

We look to our elders to lead us home.

Learning: we are here to know

Confidence builds, you’ve got to start slow

We try, we fail, we try again

That’s the best way to grow your brain

Learning to doeach and every day

That is the Rosemont community way.

Sharing the work as a motivated team

When we give to others we achieve our dream.

To be, our personal best

Through perseverance, work and rest

Independence - we make our own choices

Community is stronger with everyone’s voices.

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Forest Lawn High School hosted the first-ever high school Esports Tournament - 8 schools competed in the popular game League of Legends, showcasing the excitement of competitive gaming and also highlighting the educational value and benefits it brings to students. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/bwFrVtuELs

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