Behaviour Expectations

At the beginning of each school year, teachers and students engage in conversations about how to build and maintain a respectful and caring learning community. As a part of this work, the students agreement to uphold Royal Oak School’s four

general statements that reflect the expectations that students hold of themselves and of their peers. The statements provide a common language when the students are problem solving situations with their peers. Thus, all students are expected to know and comply with these four statements:

At Royal Oak School we:

  • Keep our hands, feet and other objects to ourselves
  • Use appropriate language, verbal and body
  • Treat others and our place with kindness and respect
  • Follow directions the first time

Action To Be Taken

General school rules, responsibilities and expectations for students are outlined in this Parent and Student Handbook. At the beginning of the school year, time will be taken to mutually set classroom rules, expectations and guidelines. If students subsequently ignore these, consequences will be assigned by the classroom teacher. Students who repeatedly disregard
classroom/school rules will be referred to the school Administrators for follow-up. Consequences and restitution will be determined on an individual basis and parents will be contacted if the concern is of a serious nature. Repeated referrals for behavior concerns will result in a scheduled conference with parents to determine further action and a record of these referrals will be maintained. Serious and repeated behavioural concerns may result in “in school” or “at home” suspension periods. 

General School Rules for Students

These apply in and around the school premises and during the lunch program.

  • Once the student has arrived on the school grounds, he/she must remain on the school grounds unless permission to leave has been received at the office.
  • The parking lot and front yard of the school are out of bounds to students.
  • Fighting, “play fighting”, tackle sports, swearing and abusive language is not acceptable in the school or on the playground.
  • Eating of snacks and gum chewing are reserved for recess/lunch breaks.
  • Outdoor footwear should be removed at the entry doors. A pair of indoor shoes, preferably proper running shoes, should be kept at school for use in both regular classes and the physical education program.
  • Students enter and leave the building using “inside voices” and travel in an orderly manner in hallways.
  • It is an assumption that students who are well enough to attend school are well enough to go outdoors during the morning and lunch recess. In certain situations the school is able to make some accommodations. Please contact the office if you require support.
  • At dismissal times students should arrange to meet siblings, parents and caregivers at an agreed upon location on the outside playground area. Outside of unanticipated emergencies, the school staff is unable to provide afterschool care or supervision. As such, we request that families make the necessary arrangements to ensure the safety of their children at dismissal times.
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