Lunch times are 12:06 – 1:00 PM. 

Please send a healthy lunch with your child(ren). 

Lunch Program

We provide lunch supervision for walk limit and bused students. As such, the CBE sets and reviews these fees on an annual basis. Information about fees and lunchroom registration is available through the school office or our Noon Supervision page. All students must be registered prior to attending the lunch program. 

A “Drop in” service is made available for families in an emergency situation. The cost of the drop in service is reviewed annually and made available by contacting the school office. Student safety is always first and foremost and as such we appreciate as much notice as possible if a child needs to stay for lunch or if a child that normally attends the lunch program will not attend on a given day.

The Lunchroom Program has its own daily routines and guidelines that are consistent with the common expectations and discipline practices outlined in the handbook. Tax receipts will be issued and may be claimed as childcare expenses on annual income tax documents. 

Litter-less Lunches

In March 2017, Royal Oak School initiated Litter-less lunch days on Wednesdays. On Litter-less lunch Days, children have their lunch packed in reusable containers and/or bags.  This program was a huge success and we are looking to expand it in fall 2017 so look for updates in the school newsletter. We will provide updated information regarding this initiative and to be compliant with the City of Calgary’s new Commercial Recycling Bylaw that states, “Businesses and Organizations are required to recycle the same materials we do at home.”  By packing a litter-less lunch, we are working towards putting less in our landfills.  Thank you for your support in the program.

As we have many children in our lunchroom program, please label your child’s containers, drinking containers and lunch kits.  As a part of our lunch program, the students are outside for approximately 30 minutes per day. Please ensure your child is dress appropriately for all types of weather. When inclement weather occurs, (below -20 degrees Celsius or raining) the students stay inside in designated areas. 

Healthy Hunger | Fun Lunches & Snack Day

Royal Oak School has chosen to become a Healthy Hunger school. We have chosen Healthy Hunger for 4 main reasons:

  • Convenience: No more Paper Order Forums, or need for exact change
  • Pay for your meals On-line Pay online using Visa, MasterCard, or Interact Online with TD Canada Trust, BMO, Scotia Bank, and Royal Bank
  • View all up-coming order dates: Never get caught by surprise last minute. Keep up to date on all up-coming orders.
  • Security: Our Payment Gateway is PCI Compliant, and we adopt the highest standards in Payment Security.

This allows our Fun Lunch Coordinators the ability to offer more options to our children, support dietary needs and raise funds for school events. Families are able to order or make changes to their orders (even cancelling them, if required) up to 5 days prior to the event. This flexibility is ensures that any mistakes can be easily fixed.


Royal Oak School will always strive to create and maintain a safe school environment. We recognize the growing need to balance the right and convenience of all students to eat what they like and the allergic child’s right to relative safety in the school setting. We hope that by being an Allergy Aware school we can continue to educate ourselves and the community to protect the dignity and personal safety of all our students.

To further reduce the risk and young children’s emotional upset related to their sense of fairness, we ask that you help reduce the risk by not sending treats into your child’s classroom, carefully reading the labels of products that you include in your child’s lunch and encouraging good hand washing practices. See more on our Illness & Medical page.

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