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Grade Teams and Google Classroom

Google Classroom allows teachers to communicate information to home about the events in the classroom and student learning. Students access their Google Classroom by using their CBE EDU accounts. Families are encouraged to check their student's Google Classroom on a regular basis to stay informed about their child’s learning. Google Classroom will be used in the case of extended student absences due to illness/quarantine.

Should you need help with your student's account, please email their classroom teacher. 

Resources & Specialists

Ms. Power (Grade K & Learning Leader, Resource Teacher - Assessment & Complex needs)

Ms. Mitschke (Grade K & Resource Teacher - Diversity, Inclusion, Wellness & ELL)

Ms. Mann - Music Specialist 

Ms. Weber - Part Time PE Specialist


Ms. Power (Learning Leader)

Ms. Hogan 

Ms. Mitschke 

Ms. Hutchings

Grade 1 Teachers

Ms. Argue (Learning Leader)

Ms. Cheveldeoff

Ms. Harrison

Ms. Laser 

Ms. Yoon

Grade 2

Ms. Bernard-Dixon

Ms. Cook

Ms. Johnson

Ms. Mercer

Ms. Stetz/Ms. Sticksl

Grade 3

Ms. Daniels

Ms. Kaur

Ms. Libbey

Ms. Plaxin

Mr. Shpur (Learning Leader)

Grade 4

Ms. Devereux

Ms. Gamache (Learning Leader)

Ms. Lagrana

Mr.  Laser 

Ms. Quesnel

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