Our Staff

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Name & Email Position
Lewis, BrendaPrincipal
Brown, Stephen Assistant Principal; Gr. 5/6 Communications
Hanley, EmmaAdministrative Secretary E; Bookkeeper
Tong, AliciaOffice Secretary

Teaching Staff

Name & Email Assignment
Armitage, Mary JaneGr. 9 Humanities; Literacy Learning Leader
Armstrong-Shaver, HeatherGr. 6 Generalist
Baranec, AdamGr. 8 Math & Science
Braben, JennaPhysical Education
Blakney, Devere Gr. 7 Math & Science
Burkell, KarenGr. 8 Math & Science
Clack, LoreleeGr. 5 Generalist; Math & Science Learning Leader
Clark, AshleyPhysical Education  
Doyle, NazneenGr. 8 Humanities
George, RebeccaResource Teacher
Gosling, SeanGr. 9 Math & Science
Gray, KristineGr. 5 & 6 Music; Gr. 7-9 Band
Hardie, LisaGr. 6 Generalist
Lee, AnitaGr. 5 Generalist
Lee, BenGr. 6 Generalist; Literacy Learning Leader
Leung, JenniferGr. 6 Generalist
Lunau, AliciaGr. 6 Generalist
Nybo, JamieGr. 7 Humanities; Task Design Learning Leader
MacPherson, LeishaGr. 6 Generalist
Meloche, LillianGr. 5 Generalist
Nelson, CarolGr. 9 Humanities
Oluyole, KaraPhysical Education
Peterson, JulieGr. 7 Humanities
Porter, MichaelGr. 5 Generalist
Quinn, MadelynePhysical Education
Renkema, SharonGr. 8 Humanities
Rigg, KyleGr. 7 Math & Science
Savin, CatherineGr. 5 Generalist
Shaw, JessicaGr. 8 Math & Science: Math & Science Learning Leader
Stieger, TarilynGr. 7 Math & Science
Strother, AliGr. 8 Humanities
Thomas, MeganGr. 7 Humanities
Wiens, Jay
Gr. 9 Math & Science

Support Staff

Name & Email Position
Niemiec, PatrickFacility Operator
Knapkin, CarrieEducational Assistant
Jenkins, SarahEducational Assistant
Bigden, DebbieLunchroom Supervisor
Batres, SavinaLunchroom Supervisor
Gementera, BootsLunchroom Supervisor
Dixon, MeredithLunchroom Supervisor
Istvanffy, JamesLunchroom Supervisor
Lalonde, ColleenLibrarian & Lunchroom Supervisor
Workman, LisaLunchroom Supervisor
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Students at Lester B. Pearson High School and many other schools took part in @Moose_Hide Campaign on May 12. The nationwide event raises awareness for the #MMIWG and violence against women and children. Read more on our website: https://t.co/M73qVEWEOi #WeAreCBE https://t.co/Iwolb09uVS

RT @SASCBE: Our Grade 3/4s had a hands on experience building birds houses after learning about the importance of birds in Calgary. Birds are often seen as spiritual messengers who bridge the natural and spirit world in Indigenous cultures. @DClovis https://t.co/7DoX3d45Ca

RT @CJMCBE: Our Grade 5 students explored Weaselhead Flats today. We learned so much about wetlands, plants, and animals. We studied aquatic invertebrates and saw so many different birds. Thank you to our guide and to our parent volunteers 😃 #WeAreCBE https://t.co/H26VYcj1EY

Today’s Board of Trustees public meeting starts at noon at the Ed Centre. Join us in-person or stream the meeting online https://t.co/nvCl1fNgoJ #yycbe https://t.co/LPMEBGH3XP

There’s still time to donate to the Loonies for Literacy campaign. For every dollar a school raises, a dollar will go to a school in need through the generosity of community sponsors & contributions. https://t.co/mzfcqpty5W #WeAreCBE