Dress Code

RTA strives to develop students who are respectful and compassionate humans. While we encourage individuality, our dress code aims to foster a positive and healthy environment. School is a work place for both students and teachers. The following pieces of clothing are inappropriate for the school setting:

  • Tops that expose excessive amounts of skin: tube tops, crop tops, and low-cut tops
  • Dresses, shorts or skirts that show private parts 
  • Sunglasses inside the school
  • Clothing that promotes the use of drugs or alcohol, makes sexual inferences or that has crude language, is unacceptable.
  • In addition, for the safety and security of all members of our community, clothing that obscures a person’s identity, including wearing a hood is not permitted.

Students who do not follow the recommended dress code guidelines will be asked to put on alternative clothing, and in some cases, may be asked to go home and change after their parents have been contacted. 

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