Lunch Break: 11:49 - 12:36 

Lunch Supervision

Lunchroom supervision is available to all students. Grade 5 & 6 students are not permitted to leave the school campus, unless they go home for lunch. Please visit our Lunch Supervision page for more information.

Grade 7-9 students are permitted to go off campus to purchase their lunch, provided that they return promptly for their afternoon classes. 

Ordering food to the school is not permitted. Delivery services (Skip the Dishes, Door Dash etc.) will not be accepted.

Lunchroom Block One (11:49-12:09 PM):

  • Div 2 students eat lunch inside their classrooms.
  • Div 3 students may leave campus to purchase/eat their lunch; they may eat their lunch outside during the first block; or they may play outside on the school grounds.

Lunchroom Block Two (12:10-12:30 PM)

  • Div 2 students go outside to play OR they may attend a supervised club inside the building.
  • Div 3 students may remain outside; or they may re-enter the building to eat their lunch inside their classrooms; or they may attend a supervised club inside the building.

Nutrition/Body Breaks

Div 2 students have non-scheduled Nutrition/Body Breaks each day, Monday to Thursday.

Both Div 2 and Div 3 students have a scheduled Nutrition Break on Fridays: 10:39 to 10:46 AM. It is recommended that all students bring a small nutritious snack and water bottle for this break.


Our focus at RTA is on promoting a healthy lifestyle, which includes physical fitness and nutrition. Junk food is strongly discouraged and in some cases not allowed on campus: slurpees, iced-coffee, energy drinks, large quantities of candy, etc. We appreciate parents supporting us in ensuring students have healthy snacks and lunches at school.


As a number of our students have severe allergies to nuts, including peanuts, we are an Allergy Aware school. We ask for your support in protecting students with allergies by not sending foods containing tree nuts or peanuts to school. For more information about this and other health concerns see our Illness & Medical page.  

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