Athletics' Attire.

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RTA Athletics

In grade 5, students are introduced to a wide variety of sports, including track and field. Students are able to join and participate in wrestling, cross country, fitness club, inter-murals, and development programs such as developmental basketball.

In grades 6-9, there are several competitive athletic opportunities, at both Junior and Senior levels, which are mandated by the CBE Middle School Athletic Association: soccer, volleyball, basketball, track and field, and badminton. Our teachers are all volunteers, providing their time to make these clubs happen. Practice schedules are determined according to the gym availability, number of clubs, and teacher schedules. Parents are responsible for bringing their child to practices and to games. Game schedules are set by the MSAA. 

Athletics’ Schedule

Middle School and RTA Athletics

Annual Athletic Form:  All students who are interested in trying out and/or joining Middle School Athletics are required to submit a completed and signed form.

2023-2024 Athletic Season:

  • Soccer: Aug. 31 - Oct. 29
  • Cross-Country Running: Aug. 31 - Oct. 15
  • Basketball: Sept. 11 - Dec. 3 
  • Wrestling: Nov- Feb
  • Volleyball: Jan. 8 - Mar. 24
  • Badminton: Apr. 2 - May 21
  • Track & Field: May 13 - June 16 
Athletics Teacher(s)
Cross Country
Mr. McGhan, Ms. Doyle, Ms. Strother, Ms. Gray, and Ms. George
Boys' Soccer Ms. Leung and Ms. Oluyole
Girls' Soccer  Ms. Armitage 
Jr. Boys' BasketballMs. Braben and Mr. Lee and Ms. Koral
Jr. Girls' BasketballMs. Pearson and Mr. Sherrin
Sr. Boys' BasketballMr. Bykovskikh
Sr. Girls' BasketballMs. Shaw and Ms. Lewis (and COACH Aaron)
Wrestling Mr. Barg
Jr. BadmintonMr. Brown and Mr. McGhan
Sr. BadmintonMr. Brown and Mr. McGhan 
Jr. Girls' VolleyballMs. Shaw and Ms. Lewis
Jr. Boys' Volleyball Ms. Lunau
Sr. Boys' Volleyball Ms. Quinn
Sr. Girls' Volleyball Mr. Gosling
Track and Field Mr. McGhan

Recreational Athletics:

  • Jr. Girls' Rec Basketball (Gr. 6-8)
  • Jr. Boys' Rec Basketball (Gr. 6-8)
  • Grade 5-9 Inter-murals
  • Gr. 5-9 Fitness Club
  • Gr. 5 Track and Field

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