The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.

In Science, students explore and investigate big questions related to the world around them. When students learn through the lens of science, they move beyond factual recall and develop the science-related attitudes, skills and knowledge needed to solve problems and make decisions. Students become lifelong learners through maintaining their sense of wonder about the world around them.

They explore, investigate and find out how things work in order to answer questions and satisfy their curiosities. Learning about science provides a framework for students to deepen their understanding and interpret the world around them. At each grade level, students explore topics related to: change; energy; matter; systems; interactions/relationships; forces; and diversity.

Science Fair at RTA:

All students at RTA participate in Science Fair. Home room teachers introduce Science Fair in the classrooms, providing mini lessons on board set up, research questions, presentation, etc. Classroom time is provided to students to work on projects; however, there is an expectation that students will also work on their projects at school. The November Parent Teachers Conference is an excellent opportunity for families to touch base with the school regarding Science Fair. RTA will provide students with general supplies, including a trifold (thanks to School Council): paint, cardboard, scissors, tape, glue, flour, corn starch, etc. However, some splashier supplies, such as glitter boarders, must be purchased by students. Because our grade 7-9 students do not have a designated Home room class, one option class, during block 2 is set aside for Science Fair. In early February, students present their Science Fair projects during our Open House and Celebration of Learning. Projects are judged according to the CYSF rubric by a multitude of experts: RTA families, Mount Royal and St. Mary University students and volunteering experts.

RTA Science Fair 2020-2021

  • All students at RTA participated in Science Fair.
  • Students moved to an online Science Fair.
  • Projects were assessed by Homeroom Teachers, against the Programs of Study, using a RTA Science Fair Rubric.
  • Students who wanted to be judged for CYSF, were judged a second time, using the CYSF Science Fair Rubric
  • 22 RTA students were selected to move on to the Calgary Youth Science Fair (CYSF)

CYSF Science Fair 2020-2021 | March results

Congratulations to all of the RTA students who participated in this year’s Calgary Youth Science Fair (CYSF). RTA students took home an impressive 19 medals during the March round.  A huge thank you to Ms. Burkell for all of your hard work! And, a big thank you to all the teachers, students and families in supporting the Science Fair.  

  • Toby A, Gr. 9 | Hot Socks: Honorable mention
  • Jordyn W, Gr. 9| Plastic Kills: Bronze Medal
  • Aden S, Gr. 9 | A new Bike Lock: Silver Medal 
  • Jake L, Gr. 9 | A Better Ride: Honorable mention
  • Cole M, Gr. 9 |Universal Hydropower: Honorable mention
  • Daniel M, Gr. 8 |Fresh or Salty: Gold Medal
  • Izzy K, Gr. 8 | Phytoremediation of Calgary Storm water: Gold Medal
  • Josh Z, Gr. 8 | The Art of Predictability with the science of Uncertainty: Gold Metal
  • Sofia J, Gr. 8 | Biowipes: Bronze Medal
  • Isabella M, Gr. 7 | My GPS Tracker: Bronze Medal
  • Udit S, Gr. 7 | Improving the Eye Glass Frame: Bronze Medal
  • Sam H, Gr. 7 | Snow Stopper: Bronze Medal
  • Jackson S, Gr. 6 | Burning Bismuth: Gold Medal
  • Avery S, Gr. 6 |Supercool Supercooling: Gold Medal
  • Mason C, Gr. 6 | Is the 5 second rule real: Silver Medal
  • Maddy G, Gr. 6 | Food For Fuel: Silver Medal
  • Elise H, Gr. 6 | Changing the World One Tube at a Time: Silver Medal
  • Halina P, Gr. 7 |Cool Carbonation: Gold Medal
  • Signe J, Gr. 6 I Spy a Fly: Silver Medal
  • Harlow P, Gr. 5 | Deliquification Demonstration: Silver Medal
  • Ramy Z, Gr. 5 | Caution! High Voltage: Bronze Medal
  • Sawyer P, Gr. 5 | Engine vs. Engine: Bronze Medal

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