The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.

In Science, students explore and investigate big questions related to the world around them. When students learn through the lens of science, they move beyond factual recall and develop the science-related attitudes, skills and knowledge needed to solve problems and make decisions. Students become lifelong learners through maintaining their sense of wonder about the world around them.

They explore, investigate and find out how things work in order to answer questions and satisfy their curiosities. Learning about science provides a framework for students to deepen their understanding and interpret the world around them. At each grade level, students explore topics related to: change; energy; matter; systems; interactions/relationships; forces; and diversity.

Science Fair at RTA:

  • All students at RTA have the opportunity to participate in Science Fair. 
  • Science Fair is part of the RTA 2022-2023 CTF Scope and Sequence.  
  • Elements of a Science Fair Project: 
  • Research
  • Purpose Statement
  • Hypothesis
  • Materials List
  • Procedures
  • Project Log
  • Summary Research Report
  • Results (how to use graphs and evidence to support finding)
  • Conclusion

Career Technology and Foundations: CTF class time is provided to students to work on projects; however, there is an expectation that students will also work on their projects at school. The November Parent Teachers Conference is an excellent opportunity for families to touch base with the school regarding Science Fair. RTA will provide students with general supplies: paint, cardboard, scissors, tape, glue, flour, corn starch, etc. However, splashier supplies, such as glitter boarders, are purchased by students.  

Calgary Youth Science Fair (CYSF): Successful students will represent RTA at the Calgary Youth Science Fair in March and April 2023.

RTA Science Fair 2021-2022 

  • All students at RTA participated in Science Fair.
  • Students moved to an online Science Fair.
  • Projects were assessed by Homeroom Teachers, against the Programs of Study, using a RTA Science Fair Rubric.
  • Students who wanted to be judged for CYSF, were judged a second time, using the CYSF Science Fair Rubric
  • 22 RTA students were selected to move on to the Calgary Youth Science Fair (CYSF)

CYSF Science Fair 2022 Results

Congratulations to all of the RTA students who participated in this year’s Calgary Youth Science Fair (CYSF). RTA students took home an impressive 19 medals during the March Awards' round.  A huge thank you to Ms. Burkell for all of your hard work! And, a big thank you to all the teachers, students and families in supporting the Science Fair.  

  • Maddi G: American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning Award from the Southern Alberta Chapter of ASHRAE- $50 and an invitation to showcase her project at a trade show held at SAIT
  • James H: Melodie Becker Memorial Science Award for Superior Application of the Scientific Method
  • Ann V: Buckley Family Award for Earth Science $100
  • Jeffrey Y: Hoang Mayer Renewable Energy Award - $100
  • Gayatri S: Bhardwaj Elementary Life Science Award - $150
  • Quentin K: CYSF Elementary Life Science Award Runner-Up $100
  • Evan L: Alberta Wilderness Award $250
  • Daniel M: Hunter Centre Overall Consumer Science Award $300
  • Isabelle K: City of Calgary Water Services Award for Secondary $400 AND UofC Department of Geoscience Secondary Runner Up $250
  • Jason D: Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences Secondary Award $500 AND Buckley Family Earth Sciences Award $250 AND CYSF Travel Award; Jason's project was selected as one of the projects to represent Calgary at the Canada Wide Science Fair
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