Off-Site Activities

We believe that learning is enriched by extending the learning outside the school, into the community, working with experts in the field, whether in the classroom or away from the school. These educational excursions and guest presentations engage our students in meaningful experiences and are a means of integrating the disciplines of study.

Every trip, activity or excursion that is planned must be approved by school administration and meet the standard of CBE’s rigorous on and off campus guidelines. This requires principals and teachers to be diligent about completing the appropriate forms and submitting these forms, well in advance of the scheduled trip or activity. 

Once the trip or activity has been approved, we are then in a position to send home forms that will give you information about the event and require your signature. When your child is preparing to go on a field trip, you may receive up to 2 or 3 forms.

All activities are considered compulsory and an essential part of the school’s curriculum. There may be costs associated with planned field trips, physical education activities and guest presenters. However, no child will be denied the opportunity to participate in classroom activities and field trips based on an inability to pay activity costs. If your family is experiencing difficulties with associated costs, please contact the school.

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​Off-Site Activities at the CBE

At the CBE, we call “field trips” off-site activities. Off-site activities are learning experiences that​ occur away from the school site and are organized and supervised by the CBE. All off-site activities must adhere to our Administrative Regulation 3027 – Off-Site Activities. Off-site activities enable students to participate in quality learning experiences that are:

  • Supporting educational outcomes
  • Relevant, flexible, and accessible
  • Connected to the Alberta Programs of Study and learning outcomes, Guide to Education and CBE Results statements

An off-site activity usually originates with the classroom teacher (called the teacher-in-charge) who makes a proposal to his or her principal. Once the activity is approved (based on learning impact and safety), the teacher will provide information to parents regarding the off-site activity including potential risks that are unique to the activity.

Preparing Your Child for an Off-Site Activity

  • Read all of the information sent home with your child from the teacher
  • After reviewing information, if you want your child to participate in the off-site activity sign the Acknowledgment of Risk Form​ and any other documents provided by the teacher
  • A parent meeting is required for all overnight off-site activities, and may be held for other off-site activities
  • Talk to your child about the activity – where they will go, what they will do and what they will be learning about
  • The consent of the parent, guardian, or volunteer must be obtained before the student may participate in an off-site activity

Volunteering for an Off-Site Activity

If you want to volunteer for an off-site activity, you can find more information on the Volunteer page (in the Get Involved section of our website).​​