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L'École Sam Livingston:

Une communauté d'apprenants engagée et inspirée!
An engaging and inspiring learning community!

L’École Sam Livingston est une communauté dynamique, bienveillante et bilingue où chacun est valorisé et respecté. Ensemble, nous célébrons notre diversité.  Nous nous engageons dans un travail qui relève les défis et qui encourage une interaction significative.  Nous désirons atteindre des succès tant personnels que académiques et nous assumons nos responsabilités face à notre apprentissage.  Nous acceptons les défis et nous profitons pleinement des chances offertes dans ce monde en évolution.

(We are a dynamic, caring, bilingual community where everyone is valued and respected. Together we celebrate diversity. While engaged in meaningful, interactive and challenging work, we strive for personal and academic success and take responsibility for our learning. We embrace the challenges and the opportunities of our everchanging world.)

School Mission

At Sam Livingston School, we strive to meet the individual needs of our students through effective education and the personalization of learning.

School Philosophy

Our school believes that:

  • Personalizing the learning process is of prime importance.
  • We must be student centered.
  • Students need to develop responsibility for self and others.
  • We should all work toward providing a rewarding, meaningful, and positive experience for students, staff, and parents.
  • We must strive toward meeting the individual needs of students and staff.
  • Consistent and positive communications between parents and teachers is vital.
  • We attempt to meet the needs of the whole child.
  • It is important to have students become responsible, independent, self-directed, and happy lifelong learners.
  • Staff, students, and parents must be involved in setting individual and group goals in behaviour, attitude, and achievement.
  • All people should be treated with respect

Who Was Samuel Livingston?

The school was named after Sam Livingston, the first dairy farmer in Calgary. Sam was born in Ireland in 1828 and followed the multitudes of prospectors who had gold fever in California. Sam was a prospector, a trader, and a farmer. In 1873, Sam settled in the Calgary area where he married Jane Howse and together they had 14 children. His actual farm and homestead is where Heritage Park now stands. Sam's gravestone can be viewed in the cemetery at Heritage Park.

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Our School's Commitment to Truth and Reconciliation

We are committed to acknowledging and supporting the implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission 94 Calls to Action specific to education. In 2021, our school, along with all CBE schools made a TRC Commitment to Action. On June 21, 2022, we renewed our commitment, which can be found under Resources.​​

​​School Development Plan

​Each year, our school prepares a development plan with input from teachers, school staff, students and parents. We review many sources of data, including report cards, provincial achievement test results and school surveys. Based on this information, we create our plan identifying targeted areas for growth. Our school development plan is not meant to represent all of the work that takes place in our school, but rather it focuses on specific areas for improvement.​​​

​​​School Improvement Results Report

Our school also prepares a results plan, which looks at our previous school year. It shows our students’ achievement and progress in meeting the goals and outcomes as set out by the CBE and Alberta Education, outlines some of the highlights of our school development plan and gives an overview of our school. You can look on the CBE website for system-wide results​.

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