Self-regulation is the best form of discipline. We believe that encouragement for expected behaviour is more effective than punishment for unexpected bahaviour. We make every attempt to incorporate this belief in dealing with our students whenever unexpected behaviour occurs. It is most important that school staff and parents work together and support one another when working through student discipline problems. The school expectations are as follows:

1. Come to school ready learn.
2. Respect yourself.
3. Respect others.
4. Respect our school property and belongings.

General School Expectations

  • The bell means that school has started. Students are required to enter the building promptly. Teachers are in charge of student entry.
  • Students who arrive late are to check in at the office for a late slip.
  • All students can use the creative playgrounds, compound area and fields in a reasonable manner (supervisor’s discretion). The climbing of the backstops, gates, electric box, etc. is not allowed. Students are to remain visible to the supervisors at all times. 
  • Students must remain on school property during recess.
  • Parking lot and front lawn are off limits.
  • Snow and rocks are to remain on the ground. Snow is for building and creating not for destroying. The snow does not belong to any one person.
  • Students are expected to attend regularly and punctually.
  • Students being picked up during school hours are to be met at the office and signed out by a parent or guardian.
  • Student access to the building is from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM. All doors will be locked during school hours except during supervision (student entry) times. To access the building, please ring the grey buzzer to the left of the front door and state your name to the person who answers. You will be buzzed in.

These guidelines are intended to support CBE policies and regulations to ensure that teachers, students, and parents are aware of what is allowed and expected in the school. 

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