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Parent Night: Understanding and Supporting Regulation and Movement” with Erin Novak, CBE Occupational Therapist and Kim Hall, CBE Physical Therapist  

This Virtual Parent Night tied together the work and support that the school’s Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist have been providing this year, to both teachers and students, but with a focus for parents on how to understand and support these skills at home.  Regulation, or Self-Regulation, is our bodies and brains ability to stay at an optimal state for being and learning; to manage emotions and energy levels to plan and carry out tasks. Erin &and Kim spoke about what contributes to possible 'dys'regulation, what ways children specifically regulate, and how we can support these needs at home.  

French Resources

Please find attached a newsletter from one of our CBE's Speech Language Pathologists regarding Assistive Technology.


Access Mental Health (Alberta Health Services)

Calgary Public Library

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City of Calgary Drop-In Recreation Schedules

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Family Fun Calgary

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Integrated Services in Education (University of Calgary)

My Child's Learning (Learn Alberta)

  • Includes Grade-at-a-glance describing what your child will be learning in each Grade
  • FAQ
    • Including questions such as:
      • How can I encourage my child to develop good literacy and numeracy skills?
      • How can I help my child with homework
      • What if my child needs more support to be successful?
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