Program, Focus & Approach

Sam Livingston is an Early French Immersion school.


The North-east corner of our school yard at Sam Livingston School used to be asphalt and pea gravel. Phase I of our naturalization project in 2002, encompassed a total of 900 square meters. This area is now flourishing with trees, shrubs, grasses and other plants that are all representative of the grassland and foothills regions of Alberta.  An added addition has been the many rabbits that frequent the area and become residents. “Sam”, as they are all named, has become our school mascot.

Thank you to everyone who helped build Enviro- Lab Phase II. This montane region of Alberta is now represented in our school yard naturalized area. A huge thanks to the committee: George Harris of Harris & Harris Site Architecture for design and organization of materials, Cara Gibson for organization of the project and volunteers and Nigel Sparling for his support with organization of the project. This committee with Mme Laurelle worked tirelessly to make this project a success. 

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