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​About the CBE

The CBE is the largest school district in Western Canada. Our mission is to ensure each student, in keeping with his or her individual abilities and gifts, completes high school with a foundation of learning necessary to thrive in life, work and continued learning. You can look on the CBE website for more information. ​​​

About Us

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Today’s Board of Trustees public meeting starts at noon at the Ed Centre. We invite you to stream the meeting online #yycbe

Friday, Sept 25 is a system-wide non-instructional day. There are no in-person or online classes for students. Students in the hub can still access their course materials but teachers are not available to respond to questions. #WeAreCBE #yycbe

Here is an opportunity for #WeAreCBE student leaders interested in volunteering in the community. Deadline is Sept. 28

Congratulations to Henry Wise Wood student Suchir, who got to be Mayor for a Day yesterday #WeAreCBE

Congratulations to F.E. Osborne School. Students raised over $10,700 for their #TerryFoxSchoolRun (surpassing last year’s total of $2,995!) Way to go! #WeAreCBE @feo_eagles_cbe