Create a Notification

You can create a notification by clicking on the Notification tile in the SiteGovern dashboard. 

You'll create or edit your notifications with the Notification wizard:

The notification will be added to your site when you:

  1. Complete the mandatory fields
    1. Description
    2. Title
  2. Share To your school site
  3. Click Create to publish your Notification

Add a Title (Required)

The title should explain, in a few words, what the Notification is about and what the impact is. The system will automatically display the title in ALL CAPS, no matter how you write it (a perfect opportunity to be polite but sound important). 


Add a Description (Required)

This should provide any more required information about your Notification. Only a limited amount of text will be included on the home page, so make sure that the most important information is written first, and keep it succinct.


As with other content types, you can format your text if needed. 

Users will be able to click to view full details, like with a news story, but use those first lines strategically. The full notification (including the full description as well as any links, attachments, or other content) will be displayed in a page like this:


Other Content (Optional)

You can add images, links, attachments, or videos to your Notification, but in most cases these won't be needed.  The notable exception is if you are linking to a story in your site or in the CBE corporate website for more information. 

Notification Type (Optional)

By default, any new notification you create is set to the least critical level (Notification), and displayed in Cyan. If you would like to have it treated as an Alert (displayed in orange) or an Emergency (displayed in red), set the Notification Type accordingly and save your changes to return to the main Notification wizard:


Share To (Required)

To display your notification on your school website, you need to indicate that with the Share To function. Use the paper airplane of sharing to open the Share To screen:

In the Share To screen, choose your school, and then save to return to the main Notification screen:


Create Your Notification

When you've completed your title, added content to the description, defined the notification severity (if other than the lowest-priority "notification" level), and set the Share To for your school, click Create to save your changes and publish the Notification to your site:

Your Notification will now be visible on your website. 

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