Advanced Editing

What's Included in Advanced Editing?

Users with Advanced Editing (Approvers) can edit pages (exactly like Basic Editors) but can also use the SiteGovern dashboard to access the tools you need to create, modify, delete and manage content for:  

Who Can Access Advanced Editing? 

In our sites: 

  • All principals have Advanced Editing (Approver) permissions by default
  • Principals can grant Approver permissions to other school staff through the School Profile Manager

For more information, see the Permissions & Access page. 

Getting Started

The Advanced Editing functionality of your website is powerful, but it can seem overwhelming at first. As with any website editing, it's important to make sure you know what does and doesn't belong on your site before you begin (see the content page in the School Websites section of Staff Insite), but once you're ready to try, just follow these four steps to get going:

  1. Pick one simple item to create first; an event for your calendar is a good choice
  2. Follow the instructions on the SiteGovern page to learn how to get to the Event tool
  3. Read the overview (including things to watch out for) on the Event (Calendar) page
  4. Watch the video and then follow the steps (focusing on the ones marked as Required) on the Create an Event page

Once you're comfortable creating and editing events, create a news story (Post) for your site. Don't worry about the details of the Scheduler, QuickLinks, or the Principal's Messages Blog until you're confident working with Events and Posts. And if you have any questions (or suggestions about how we can make the process easier for others), get in touch with School Web Support and we can help get you over any bumps you encounter. 

Overview Videos

You can see the basic steps for creating a Post or Event in these videos. For more details and options see the corresponding pages in this site. Note that these videos show an older view of the user interface, so there may be some minor differences with what you see. 


(Please) Don't Break the Internet

Advanced Editing allows you to manage your own home page and calendar, but it's not possible to edit those pages by using the same "Edit Page" functionality you use in the rest of your website - they should only by modified through the SiteGovern tools outlined in this section of the guide. Do not sign out or try to edit these pages directly, or you'll cause problems in your website. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

Browsers Are Tricky

Browser technology and standards change frequently. As with the basic page editing, we usually find that for Chrome works most consistently for the advanced editing functions, but it can vary from computer to computer and even from day to day. If you're having issues (errors, unexpected behaviour...) try another browser before anything else. Sometimes that's enough to get you up and running.

How Do I Access Advanced Editing Functions?

The Advanced Editing functions (except for the Principal's Messages Blog) are accessed by going to SiteGovern (the Advanced Editing dashboard) through the Site Actions menu:


I Don't Think That Did Anything

Unlike page editing, where changes show up immediately, most of the items you create in the advanced editing functions have to make a trip through the cloud before appearing on your site. When you create a news story or event, for example, it won't appear until you refresh your page, and may take anywhere from several seconds to a couple of minutes to get processed and displayed on your page, depending on the traffic in cyberspace. Don't panic. At least, not right away. 

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