Managing Home Page News

Proceed With Caution

The news items that appear on your site homepage are controlled through the Scheduler. For most schools, this happens automatically and will continue to work best if you don't touch it. 

If you do want to change when stories appear on your home page, the order they're in, or when they come off, you can do that using Manual Scheduling. We don't recommend this for most schools since it requires additional ongoing work to keep your site updated, coordination between all site Approvers, and introduces a greater risk of errors. 

Automatic Scheduling

By default, schools are set up to have stories managed automatically: when you publish a story, it becomes the first story in the Spotlight zone of your home page. After additional stories are added to the Spotlight zone, it gets pushed into the More News zone. Eventually, it will be pushed to the bottom of the More News zone and then disappear from the home page. It will always be available in the News Centre.

Manual Scheduling

If you want more granular control over the news in your site, you can change your scheduler settings so that your news is controlled manually, rather than automatically. This allows you to select what appears in your Spotlight or More News zones, the order the stories appear in, when the stories become visible, and how long they stay up. While this does offer more precise control, it also means that none of the news on your home page changes unless you manually change it (stories are not automatically added, moved from Spotlight to More News, or removed).

You can find out how to enable or disable Manual Scheduling in the Scheduler Settings page, and how to work with your home page on the Spotlight & More News Zones page. 

Approvals & Workflows

There is no approval workflow built into SchoolBundle. If your news items are managed automatically, they will be made public when you save them (as long as the Share To is completed). If an item needs to be reviewed before being published, do that separately (by email or in a document) before you create the story in your site.

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