Principal's Message

The Principal's Messages Blog is one of the items that feeds up into your home page. Your most recent post will be highlighted on your home page, but you can use your blog as a place to engage your school community in a way that's unlike most of the rest of your site.  

Because the Principal's Messages Blog is based directly on SharePoint functionality, it works differently than the rest of your website. You can edit your blog with a PC or Mac computer, but, unlike other parts of your site, you can't update your blog on a mobile device.

The blog can include these types of content:

  • Formatted text (including links)
  • Images
  • Links to videos (but not embedded videos)

If you have documents or other files that you want your readers to access, it's best to save them elsewhere in your site, rather than uploading them to your blog.


Don't Be a Victim of Blog Impersonation

Your website exists to help parents and students quickly and easily find the information they need about your school. This only happens, though, if you put the information where they will be looking for it (and in the same place as they're used to finding it for other schools). Don't let other types of information impersonate a blog:

  • News or announcements are Posts
  • Upcoming activities are Events
  • Policy or other updates must be reflected in pages

The blog is the right place for more personal, conversational or philosophical content. Be disciplined in where you add your content to make it easier for your parents and students. 

Permissions & Approvals

As with other Advanced Editing functions, anyone with Approver permissions can edit the blog (not just the principal). 

There is no approval workflow enabled on the blog (requirement for one person to approve content after someone else has drafted it), even though you may see this message:


The publishing process for Principal's Messages posts uses the same logic as the rest of the site, but slightly different terminology. 

  • Elsewhere in the site, if you want to keep your changes but you don't want to make them public, you save (but don't publish). In the Principals' Messages, you can do this by choosing Save as Draft
  • As you would on other pages in your site, if you want to make your blog post public, you use the Publish function to do that


Manage Comments 

Because your site is public with no identity management for visitors, commenting is disabled on the blogs. If you have further questions about commenting on our public sites, please get in touch with School Web Support. 


Launch a Blog Program to Post

This isn't compatible with our sites, so just work with the in-page editor instead.   


You Don't Have to Share

The Principal's Messages blog works like regular page content, unlike the other advanced editing items (like Posts or Events). When you publish, it's shown automatically on your site, and you don't need to use Share To for your blog entries.  

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