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In addition to the QuickLinks available to all schools in the central library, you can create QuickLinks specifically for your school. To do this, use the QuickLinks tile in SiteGovern. The same steps below are used if you edit a QuickLink from your local library. 

Before you begin, keep in mind that to avoid duplication (and the resulting confusion), you can't create a QuickLink using either a URL or name that's already used. 

In the QuickLinks administration page, click on Create QuickLink:


Target URL

In the Create QuickLink wizard, enter the full URL (including http:// or https://).


If a QL already exists with the same URL (either in the central library or in your school-specific library), you’ll see this error message when you try to save:


If this happens, just cancel your changes (or delete if the system has auto-saved them) to return to the QuickLinks Administration page and sort the list by target URL to find the one you’re interested in.


Add the QuickLink name, ensuring that it is clear and concise. 


Like the URL, each QL must have a unique name (so users don’t see a QL for “Alberta” that leads to My Child’s Learning on one site, another "Alberta" QL on another site that links to curriculum guidelines, and a third one for another school that links to the Alberta Government home page). If you enter a name that’s already in use, you’ll see this error: 


If you encounter this, it’s worth checking the existing QuickLinks to see if there is another existing QL that is similar enough for you to use (if your link is to but there is another that is and leads to the same site). If so, use the existing QL and cancel or delete to exit the QL wizard. If there is not another QL that leads to the appropriate target, just choose another name ad finish creating your QL.


Tile Colour 

You can choose the colour displayed in the upper part of the tile - just click on the Colour field to open the colour picker (or enter the colour code directly if you know it):


Even though the image/icon is added lower down in the wizard, it can be helpful to choose the image first, and then pick a colour that complements it. 


Open In 

Choose whether the QL will open in the same window, or in a new window (or tab):


New Window is chosen by default. 

  • Use New Window for any external page (like Alberta Education, the CBE corporate site, or any other website) or when you link to a document or other file. 
  • Choose Same Window if you are linking to page within your school website (and remember to use the public "http" URL).



Choose an image from your computer for the icon. If the image you choose is larger than the suggested size (300x180 pixels) the system will shrink it for you. Keep the size of the QuickLinks in mind when you are choosing an image: complex images and fine details won’t be visible, so keep it clean and simple. If you use a logo from a product or organization, make sure you’re following their guidelines and respecting intellectual property laws. 


You can’t use an internet address to specify the image directly. If you want to use an image from a community organization’s website, for example, download it to your computer first. Then you’ll be able to browse to it and use it for your QuickLink. 



Choose the appropriate category for your QuickLink. If you're not sure which category is the best fit, contact School Web Support and we can help you. 


If you believe that a new category may be needed, contact School Web Support. Categories are the same for all schools, so it’s not possible to create additional categories or rename existing ones specifically for your school.



The Visible toggle is turned on by default: this means that the QuickLink you’re creating will be added to your school’s QuickLinks page, and will be available to be added to your homepage or any of your content pages. If you’re creating a QuickLink that you don’t want to display at this time, you can toggle it to not be visible before you save it:


Share To

Since QuickLinks you create are going into your school-specific library, you don’t need to use the Share To to make them accessible: they will automatically be available for editors at your school.



When you’re ready, click Save to save your new QuickLink, or Delete to quit without adding the QL to your library. 

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