Manage Your QuickLinks

Your QuickLinks page is the foundation for the QuickLinks used throughout your site. You can find it by using the link at the top of each page, or in the menus under Culture & Environment and then Technology Tools. 

To manage the QL (QuickLinks) in your site, choose SiteGovern in the Site Actions drop-down, and then click on the QuickLinks tile to get to the QuickLinks administration page. 

Note that this page covers how to work with your main QuickLinks page - if you want to change the QuickLinks displayed on your home page, check out the specific instructions for that (in the Scheduler section). 


Before You Begin

Central vs. Local Library

The way you manage QL depends on whether they are system-wide (in the central library) or created just for your school (in your local library). You can find this in the Source column: 


Why does it matter? If you don't need a QL from your local library, you can delete it without impacting other schools, since it's only displayed on your site, but you can't delete a QL from the Central Library, since it would also delete it for every other school. Oh, and if you're from Central Memorial High School, the names are going to be quite similar, so read carefully!

Show or Hide a QuickLink

Local Library

For QuickLinks in your school library, the easiest way to show or hide it is to toggle the Visible slider on or off. You can keep the QL from displaying, but it will still exist in your library in case you want to use it again in the future (this can be really helpful for something like registration information that only needs to be highlighted at certain times of year). If you make a QL invisible, it will no longer appear on your main QL page or on the home page or content pages, if it was included there.


Central Library

We are still resolving some issues around how you can manage which Central Library items appear on your school site. For now, please DON'T change the setting for QuickLinks in the Central Library, or you will make that QuickLink disappear from all school sites. Instead, let us know at School Web Support and we can help. 

Delete a QuickLink

Local Library

If you want to permanently from your local library, open the actions panel and choose Delete:


Deleting a QuickLink is a lot like a diamond - it's forever. You can recreate it again, but there's no way to undo, so be sure before you click. 

Central Library

You can't delete a QuickLink from the Central Library. If you have a Central QuickLink on your site that you don't want to have included, let us know at School Web Support and we can help you. 


Edit a QuickLink

Local Library

You can modify your school's QuickLinks by choosing Edit QuickLink from the actions menu:


Editing a QuickLink works like creating a QuickLink, so check out that page for more details. 

Central Library

You can't modify QuickLinks from the central library. If you see one that needs to be changed, let School Web Support know and we'll take care of it. 

QuickLink Categories

The categories (CBE Information, Around Town...) are consistent for all schools and can't be edited specifically for your school. If you have questions or suggestions about the categories available or how the QuickLinks have been assigned to them, let School Web Support know.

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