Scheduler (Home Page)

The Scheduler is the SchoolBundle app that manages the news stories and QuickLinks displayed on the homepage of your school website. Unlike most pages in the site which can be edited by clicking the gear icon, your home page automatically pulls content from different parts of your website (as well as from your school profile for the address, grades, and school information near the bottom of the page). 

The Scheduler can be launched from the SiteGovern dashboard. If you have Editor permissions for your website, you can access SiteGovern from the SharePoint Settings (gear icon in the ribbon at the top of your browser) as long as you're in the editing view


The SiteGovern dashboard page will load in a new tab. Click the Scheduler tile to launch the Scheduler app: 


If Nothing Happens...

If you click on SiteGovern and the SiteGovern page doesn't load, you may have a pop-up blocker enabled in your browser (and doing its job). Disable your pop-up blocker or create an exception for your school site and try again. 

Save it or Say Goodbye

Just like when you work in a web page, any changes you make in the Scheduler will show up on your screen as you make them, but until you click Save at the bottom of the scheduler, they are not saved to the system or applied to your site. Some other things you do within the Scheduler will also need to be saved (like changing your settings), but you always need to do a final Save before you exit the Scheduler if you want to keep the changes you've made. 

Scheduler is not Scheduling

They sound like the same thing, but they're not. Hopefully this will help:

  • Scheduling defines a time period when an item will show up on your site. By default, when you create a Post or Event it's displayed right away and kept until the end of the school year (or, in the case of Posts, one extra year), but by Scheduling it you can make sure it only shows up from March 3-5. It has nothing to do with how or where that item appears - it only manages the "time" dimension. 
  • The Scheduler app curates and manages the content for your home page (spotlight news, more news, QuickLinks, and dates to remember). It controls what's shown, how many items are displayed at once, and even what order they're displayed in, covering not just the "time" dimension but also the "where" (which zone) and "how" (which order).

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