Scheduler Settings

Automatic Scheduling (Recommended)

By default, when you add a news story to your website it will be shown in the first slot of your Spotlight zone. When you add more items, that story will move through your Spotlight zone, then into the More News Zone (as long as your school site is configured to show this zone), and then eventually off of the home page. It will always be visible in your News Centre page. This is called Automatic Scheduling and this "set it and forget it" behaviour is the easiest and safest way for most schools and most users to work with their site. If you're considering changing this setting, please talk to us first. 

Manual Scheduling

If you need more granular control over which news stories are displayed in your Spotlight or More News zones (and when), you can get that by turning Automatic Scheduling off and using Manual Scheduling. When you do this, the system will no longer put news onto your home page automatically: instead, it will give you a list of submitted articles and you can drag these into your Spotlight or More News zones to display them. 

You may want to use Manual Scheduling if:

  • You want to keep specific news items in your Spotlight zone
  • You want some news items to be displayed in the More News zone  without appearing in the Spotlight zone first
  • You have a larger number of Approvers creating news articles and need to make sure stories from all of them are paced appropriately

If you decide to use Manual Scheduling, keep these things in mind:

  • Stories will only show up on your home page if you manually schedule them. You need to take this additional step for every story you want to have on your home page. 
  • System-wide stories work in the same way: you will be responsible for monitoring your submitted articles list and adding centrally-created news items that apply to your school
  • Scheduling only applies to what's shown on your home page: every story that's created will show up in your News Centre even if it's not added to your homepage

Using Manual Scheduling

You can switch to Manual Scheduling by turning Automatic Scheduling off. In the Scheduler for your school, click the gear icon beside your school name:

In the site settings dialog that pops up, toggle Automatically Schedule Stories on or off as needed, then save to make your selection and return to the main Scheduler window:

If you want to switch back to Automatic Scheduling in the future, you can do that by toggling it back on. If you do this, though, keep in mind that only stories created after you turn on Automatic Scheduling again will be automatically pushed to your home page.

Save Your Settings

After you change your Scheduler settings, add or remove stories or QuickLinks, or re-order any of your home page items, you need to click Save at the bottom of the Scheduler for your changes to be saved and reflected in the site. When you click Save, you'll see this:

 Then, you should see this:

Once you get this confirmation, you can click Close to get back to the main Scheduler screen and, if you don't have other changes to make, click Back to close the Scheduler and go back to the main SiteGovern landing page.

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