Getting Ready to Edit

Who Can Edit?

Only CBE employees who have been granted editing permissions can make changes to school websites. See Permissions & Access for more details.

What Tools Do I Need?

You don't need a special program or app to edit your school website - you can use most browsers on most devices (including mobile devices like your phone or tablet), and from any network. 

Browsers change constantly, so if you discover a function that doesn't work the way you expect, or worked last week and doesn't work today, start by trying with another browser to see if that resolves your issue. 

Use Google Chrome for Editing PC and Mac. Do Not Use Internet Explorer

  • PC – Chrome or Firefox
  • Mac – Chrome or Firefox
  • Mobile – Chrome mobile or Safari mobile

Browser Settings

No matter which browser you use, you must:

  • Allow popups
  • Enable cookies

What Can I Edit?

With basic editing permissions, you can modify the main content in most pages in your website, including: 

  • School-specific page text    
  • Images  
  • Videos  
  • Links (within the site or to external pages or documents)  
  • Attachments (files like PDFs)   

The area on this page that isn't shaded shows what can be edited (school-specific page text and images): 

What Can't I Edit?

The header, navigation, and footer, as well as some specific pages are not editable at this time, and may result in errors on your site if you try. Please don't try to edit:

  • Your home page
  • News centre page or news stories
  • Calendar page or events
  • QuickLinks page

We will roll out more advanced editing permissions for these items down the road; for now, if you need news stories, calendar events, or new pages or sections for your website, look up School Web Support in Outlook and send us your request.   

You can edit existing pages, but not create new pages. If you need to have a new page or section in your site, please contact School Web Support to let us know the location (where in your site it should be) and what it should be called.

Reusable Content

The "Regular Program at the CBE" section (in the image above) is a new tool that we've developed, called Reusable Content. In the past, we've only had two options: send parents to the CBE website for standard information about programs, fees, or processes, or maintain copies of that information manually on 240 individual school websites. Now, we can maintain a single copy of this information (easy to maintain) and display it on any school website (easy to access). 

As things change, we can update the central source for that content and it will be instantly updated on any school sites that display it. That means that your parents get direct access to more of the information they need without leaving your website, and you don't have to worry about keeping that part of your website up-to-date. 

When you edit your website, the reusable content will show up above or below the main editor zone on the page. 

This screenshot shows the edit view of the page displayed above, including reusable content (Regular Program at the CBE), school-specific page content (Learning at Auburn Bay School and Homework), and an image in the right sidebar area of the page (the ".jpg" file name below the editing area in this screenshot):

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