Basic Editing

What's Included in Basic Editing?

Basic editing allows you to create and modify content on almost all of the pages in your school website, including working with:

  • Text
  • Formatting and styles
  • Images and videos
  • Links and QuickLinks
  • Attachments (related files)

Please do not edit these pages in your site (you might break it): homepage, events/calendar, or QuickLinks.

What's Not Included?

Basic editing does not allow you to create or modify news items, calendar events, custom QuickLinks, Principal's Messages (blog) or home page content. For changes to any of these items, please speak with your principal or someone else with advanced (Approver) permissions at your school, or get in touch with School Web Support.

Permissions & Access

Your principal can manage who has the ability to edit pages in your website. Learn more on the Permissions & Access page. 

Before You Begin

Check out the content guidelines in Staff Insite to understand what content should go into your website, where it should go, and what kinds of content should not be included. 

Edit Your Page in Six (Easy) Steps 

Note | This video refers to the 'Secure View' for editing. Please scroll down and read Accessing the Editing View of the Page as the Secure View link has changed, and we have not updated this information in the video.

This section shows how to edit pages in your school website, from getting access to publishing them for the world to see. These are the basic steps; you can learn more by exploring the other pages in this section. 

1. Access the Editing View (Secure View) of the Page 

Editing must be done using the Google Chrome Browser for both PC and Mac.

This information has changed. What's new? 

  1. Everything is secure. The public view of your site is available now using https, so there's no need to use http for the public view and https for the editing view. You can enjoy the security of using https no matter how you're viewing your site. 
  2. "portal." is out, and "-edit" is in. Don't add "portal." to the URL to get to your editing view, because it won't work. 

To access the editing view of your site, navigate to the page you want to edit, and change "school" to "school-edit": 

  • Change “”  to “”. 

For example, to modify the Athletics page in this site, I would start with the URL for the public view: 

To go to the secure view, I would change "school" to "school-edit":

You won't be able to edit the page I'm using in this example: you can only edit your own school's site. And always remember that you're working in a live, public website. Don't post test content, or anything you wouldn't be proud to see in the paper with your picture next to it.    

2. Open the Editor 

In the secure view of the page, you'll see the gear icon beside the page title. Click on it and choose Edit Page to open the editing tools:

3. Add or Modify Content

Add your text to the content area (or modify the text that’s already there). Use the toolbar to format or link your text or to add images or videos:    

You can also add pictures, videos, additional links, or related documents to the right sidebar of your page using the tools located under the content editing area:

4. Save your Changes

Click Save to keep your changes (or Cancel to undo them):

If you see this at the top of your page, it means you haven't saved:


5. Publish the Page to Make it Live

You can see the updated page now, but parents and other public visitors can't until the page has also been published. If you’re happy with your changes, click Publish to make them visible to public visitors (or click Edit to make additional changes).

If you see this at the top of your page, it means you haven't published:

6. Review Your Changes 

After your page is published, it's a good idea to go back to the public view to review your changes. That way, you know that you're seeing exactly what your parents and other visitors will see. To get back to the public view, just reverse the change you made to get into the secure view:

  • Change "school-edit" back to "school"

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