Troubleshooting & FAQ

No One Wants to Hear "I Told You So..."

We've seen three common user errors that account for the majority of the issues that are reported to us. Keep these things in mind and retain the esteem of your friends and colleagues!

I Can't Get to the Edit View

If you've been granted editing permission (which takes effect overnight) and you can't seem to edit your pages, it's probably because:

  • You didn't change the first "school" in the URL to "school-edit"
  • If you get an error (like page not found), you may have gotten overexcited and also changed the second "school" in the URL. Your URL should be like  

Please review step one of the Basic Editing page carefully, or see the Secure (Edit) View page for more details. 

Someone Has The Page Checked Out 

When you've opened a page for editing, no one else can get in to modify it until you've saved it. Make sure you always never leave the page without saving!  

And if you had to read that twice... that was intentional. 

No One Can See My Changes

No one can see the changes if you haven't published your page. If it isn't published, it doesn't exist, so publish, publish, publish!  

I Cannot Edit the Calendar or News Stories

If you do not see the gear icon when you open a calendar event or a news story there may be a couple reasons:

  1. You are not in Secure (Edit) mode
  2. You have not be granted Approver Permissions 
  3. That's a system-wide item that you shouldn't be editing anyways

When I Ty to Edit I Get an Error | Security Validation for this Page is Invalid

This happens when you are editing in the wrong browser. Internet Explorer (IE) and Safari will not work for site editing. To do any site editing you must be using the Google Chrome browser.

I Need a New Page

If you need a page or section in your website, contact School Web Support and we can help you out. 

How Do I Make A Name Link to an Email Address?

See our Working with Text page, under the heading Linking an Email Address.

It Won't Let Me Add My Image!

If you're trying to add an image to your page (in the main content area or the sidebar) and it's just not showing up, make sure that you are:

  1. Using a JPEG (JPG) or PNG image, not a BMP (or other) type of file. Some computers save things like screenshots as bitmaps (BMP), but they aren't compatible with our sites. If your image is not the right format, save it as a JPEG and try again. There are many ways to do this, so if you're not sure how, search on Google for instructions with your operating system and the programs you have available. 
  2. Using a clean file name. That doesn't (only) mean removing any profanity, but also taking out spaces, periods, ampersands, or other characters that just shouldn't be there. 
  3. Adding the image from your main disk drive (usually called your "C" drive). If you want to add an image from a memory stick, external hard drive, or network drive it may be encrypted. Copy it to your Desktop first, then add it to your page from there. 
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