Useful Links & QuickLinks

Useful Links (Sidebar Area)

You can add useful links (text links) to the right sidebar area of your page. The links may be to content in your website (like other pages or news stories), links to external pages, documents, videos or other online resources. The links to Calgary Board or Education and Alberta Education, in the image here, are Useful Links. 

You can also add QuickLinks (tiles) to your page, like the links to the Glenbow and to Heritage Park in this screenshot. Those instructions are in the section below. 

There are three steps to add useful links:

1. Choose a link (define the URL and title)

2. Add your link (and review it in the wizard)

3. Save your changes (to include the links on your page)

You also have the option to remove links or to change the order they're displayed in.  If you add up to three QuickLinks to your page, they'll be displayed in the right sidebar. If you add four or more QuickLinks, they'll be shown in the main content area of the page, instead, under your written content. 

As with any changes you make to your page, remember to save and publish your page after! Step 3, above, saves the list of links, but doesn't save your page. Make sure you always save your page so you don't lose the changes you've made. 

Note: to add a link to the text in your page, see the Working with Text page. 

Choose a Link

To add a link to the right sidebar area of your page, click on the Add Link button below the main content editor (not the one you would use to link text in the main part of the page!)

Enter the URL

Add the full URL for your link (including the "http://" or "https://"). This is where you want the user to end up if the click on your link. If you're linking to your school website, make sure you use the public address for the page, and not the edit view ("school-edit") address!

Enter the Title

The link title is the text that will appear in your page (in the right sidebar area). The title should be clear, concise, and distinct. "Alberta Education Website" is a good title; "Home" is not. 

Some sites will allow you to use the title they've defined by clicking the refresh icon beside the title field. 

In some cases (like CBE websites), though, the automatic title will not work. If you try it and get this error, just type in the title you'd like to use manually.


Add Your Link

Once you have entered the URL and title for your link, click Add Link to update the wizard with your link.

After you've updated the wizard, the link you've selected will appear at the bottom of the wizard in the Useful Links section.

You can add more links to your page by repeating these steps. 

Save Your Link

After you've defined your link and it appears correctly in the Current Links section at the bottom of the wizard (as in the image above), click Save to add the link to your page and return to the page editing view, or Back to return to the page editor view without saving your link. 

Remember to save your page after adding your links! Clicking Save in the Add Link wizard adds the links to your page, but unless you save (and publish) your page, those changes will be lost. 

Remove or Edit a Link

While you are in the Add a Link wizard, you can remove any of the links you've selected by clicking the X next to the link, as in the image above. 

If you are editing a page but no longer in the wizard, you can see the links you've defined for that page below the main content area. You can remove a link by clicking on the X next to it, or edit it by clicking on the pencil icon: 

Change the Order of Your Links

If you have multiple useful links defined for your page, you can change the order they are displayed in. To do this, launch the Add Links wizard by clicking on the Add Links button below the content editor area or the pencil icon beside one of your links, as shown in the image above. 

In the Add Links wizard, scroll down to the list of Useful Links and drag to arrange them in the order you'd like.


After changing the order of your links, save your changes in the Add Links wizard, and remember to save and publish your page to make the changes visible to the public. 

QuickLinks (Sidebar or Main Content Area)

QuickLinks are special linked tiles that take advantage of images, icons, or logos to make links easy for your viewers to identify. We've created a central library of many QuickLinks that your school can access, and you can add them to any page you'd like. To add a QuickLink to your page, click on the Add Links button below the content editing area to open the Add Links wizard (just like you would to add a Useful Link):

In the Add Links wizard, click the button to Choose QuickLinks:

The Choose QuickLinks wizard will open, as shown here. Expand the category you're interested in (or click Expand All to see all available QuickLinks) and check the box next to any QuickLink you'd like to include in your page:

After you've chose the QuickLinks you'd like to display on your page, click Save to record your choices and return to the Add Links wizard. The QuickLinks you've selected will be displayed at the bottom of the wizard, below any Useful Links defined for your page. They're grouped separately and use a distinct icon:

If you're satisfied with the QuickLinks you've chosen, you can click Save to return to the page editor (and remember to also save and publish your page). As with useful links, you can also drag the QuickLinks to change their order, or remove them by clicking the X next to any one of them.  

If you add up to three QuickLinks to your page, they'll be displayed in the right sidebar. If you add four or more QuickLinks, they'll be shown in the main content area of the page, instead, under your written content. 

Note that the Useful Links and QuickLinks are displayed in two separate "zones" on the page, so you can change the order of the Useful Links or change the order of the QuickLinks, but you can't mix them together. 

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