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*New! COVID-19 Notices page now on all school sites. All notices (past and present) will now reside on ONE page. School Web Support has migrated all your previous content and letters to this new page and it is shared to your home page right under the banner stories IF you've had cases. 

DO NOT create new posts (news stories) and do not replace the image.


Make sure you have followed the appropriate steps.

If you have Previous Cases

From your home page, click on the COVID-19 Notices page.

  1. Make sure you are in edit mode. Edit this page (click Read More then the gear by the title. Edit.)

  1. Replace the content in the main content area with the text from your most recent notice. We do this so it is mobile friendly and translatable for our parents.
  2. Attach the most recent notice as a pdf on the side in resources. 
  3. SAVE and PUBLISH the page.

For Your First Case

If you haven't had any cases, your COVID-19 Notices page isn't shared to your home page and you wont' be able to see it unless you are in edit mode.

1. Make sure you are in edit mode. Go to Culture & Environment. Click Health and Wellness. Click on your COVID-19 Notices page.

2. Edit the page by selecting the gear.

3. Paste the content of the latest notice in the main content area. Make sure the links work and open in a new window. (This makes it mobile friendly and translatable for parents.). 

4. Save the letter as a PDF and add the PDF of letter as an attachment. Also PDF letters from AHS and add as attachments. Do not add word files as parents can't open them and they are not mobile friendly or translatable.

8. Share the page to your school by selecting the paper airplane

9. Save and Publish the page.

10. Go to your home page and select the gear, then School Bundle Site Govern, then selecting Scheduler. You are going to move it to the Other Stories in the News area. If there's no space, go to the bottom of the list, select the 3 dots, and select Remove Article until a space appears. You may have to do this several times to get rid of all the old articles. Drag COVID-19 Notices to the top of the list and select the the 3 dots beside COVID-19 Notices and then select Lock Article.


If you are unsure of any of the steps above, or have not used the scheduler before, we are happy to help. Email for assistance.

If your site already had cases School Web Support may have already completed many of these steps above for you.


See a live example on Dr. E.W. Coffin School or Western Canada High School.

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