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The open houses page on the CBE website now links to the open house story on your school website. Be sure you create your news story before you submit your invitation. Or contact SchoolWebSupport if you need help.

For the 2020-21 school year, open houses are virtual. If you make a video, make sure to post it on your CBE school YouTube channel

  1. Download your Invitation from insite: Templates and Letterhead library (search "open house").
  2. Fill in the invitation. 
  3. Make a pdf of the invitation. 
  4. Post your video on your YouTube channel or share it with schoolwebsupport in one drive and we can post it on your YouTube channel. Open the video in another browser.
  5. Go to your website.
  6. Select the gear in the top right corner of your browser. Select SchoolBundle Site Govern > Create a Post
  7. Post Title: Name of School Open House | Date
  8. Paste content of invitation as the story.
  9. You can add the link to the video in your open house story or you can embed it in the content portion of your open house story. Get the link or embed code from the open browser window with your YouTube video.
  10. If you need support, email the invitation and video link or share the video with us in one drive and send it to and we will create a news story for you. 
  11. Contact SchoolWebSupport if you do not have an image for your invitation or for your story. We recommend using an image of your school.
  12. Send your invitation to so we can add it to the CBE Open Houses page and link to your story.

Example of what this story should like like: William Reid School Jan. 2020

Place: Address [link to google map] on your contact us page. Click the map and then click the share button 

and copy the code from the link to share. Open link in New Tab.

Entire contents of invitation goes here. Remember your website is mobile friendly and translatable so that's why it's important add all the content from your invitation. 

Under the Links section, please add a link to your school profile (copy link from your How to Register page). 

Under attachments, please attach your invitation. Please name your invitation name-of-school-open-house-date.pdf.  In this example we are using links and images from William Reid School. Once this is done, please email SchoolWebSupport and we will add this to the CBE website events and open houses page.

It's also a good idea for middle/junior high and high schools to contact your feeder schools and ask if they want your open house story shared to their home page. If they do, please contact SchoolWebSupport and we will share it to those schools.

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