Permissions & Access

Who Can Edit?

To edit a page in your website, you must:

  1. Be a CBE staff member
  2. Be a member of the security group for your school
  3. Be granted editing permission by your principal in the School Profile Manager

All principals automatically have advanced editing permission (Approver) for their website.

Before You Do Anything Else

Your public website is important and... public. Before editing (or granting editing permissions):

  • Review the instructions for User Access & Sign In on Staff Insite
  • Have all editors complete the new School Website Editor Code of Conduct checklist on that page

Permissions | Editors (Basic) vs Approvers (Advanced) 


Can edit basic page content (excludes homepage, calendar and news stories) such as:

  • Text changes
  • Adding attachments
  • Creating links 
  • Adding images

This level will provide users 90% of all the functionality that will be required to maintain their school website. 


This includes the basic editing capabilities plus:

  • News stories (Post)
  • Calendar (Event) 
  • QuickLinks
  • Principal's Messages blog
  • Moderation (Scheduler) of News and QuickLinks on the schools home page 

Granting Permissions to Staff Members?

Since you've already followed the link in the "Before You Do Anything Else" section at the top of this page, here's how to manage permissions for your school site (if you haven't, this would be a great time to do that - we'll wait).

If you’re a principal (or have been given access to the School Profile Manager by your principal):

  1. Log-in to the School Profile Manager 
  2. Click the edit icon beside your school 
  3. Add the names of users who should have editing rights on your school website in the SchoolBundle Editor or SchoolBundle Approvers field. Note that you don't need to add anyone to both; anyone who is an Approver will have access to all Editor functions as well. Also note that all principals have Approver rights on their site automatically, so don't need to be added through the School Profile Manager.

  4. Validate the names using the check icon if you didn’t use the address book to select them 
  5. Save your changes 

Once you’ve granted access, user permissions will be updated in an overnight process.

Keep It In the Family

Based on feedback from principals, we’ve designed it so that only members of your school security group will be able to edit your website. 

  • If you add the name of a CBE employee who is not associated with your school, their permissions will not be added in the overnight process. 
  • If someone with editing permissions leaves your school, their rights will be automatically removed, even if you haven’t yet removed them in School Profile Manager, to maximize security and minimize manual upkeep. 

It's not possible to grant editing rights to people who are not CBE employees, like School Council members, Classroom Coordinators, or other volunteers.

How Can I Tell?

The easiest way to see if someone is in your school security group is to use Outlook to open your school distribution list. Usually, if someone is in that list. they're in your security group as well. If you're not sure, check with the Help Desk.

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