Reports to Parents

Every year by November 30, as required by Alberta Education and a CBE Administrative Regulation, you must post these reports to parents on your website:

  • School Results Report
  • School Development Plan
  • Provincial Testing Multi-year Report (only for schools with Grades 6, 9, or 12)
  • Report to Parents/Guardians on Fees

Before You Post

You must be a website Editor or Approver to make these changes. 

Before editing your website, make sure you're ready. For each of your reports, make sure that:

  1. They are saved as a PDF
  2. They use these names exactly:
    1. School-Results-Report-2019-20.pdf
    2. School-Development-Plan-2020-21.pdf
    3. Provincial-Testing-Multi-Year-Report-2019-20.pdf
    4. Report-to-Parents-on-Fees-2019-20.pdf

Out With the Old

Your website should only have the current version of any of these reports. As you add the new version, make sure you delete any reports from previous years. 

Get Oriented | Where To Post Your Reports

You only need to edit two pages in your site to post your reports. Make sure you put them in the right place. 

Our School page (About Us --> Our School)

  • School Results Report 2019-20
  • School Development Plan 2020-21
  • Provincial Testing Multi-Year Report 2019-20
  • Report to Parents on Fees 2019-20

Fees page ( Registration --> Fees)

  • Report to Parents on Fees 2019-20

Do the Deed

To add your new reports to the page, just follow the instructions for adding attachments. Once your new reports are added and you've deleted any old ones, remember to save and publish your page. 

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