Program Descriptions Reusable Content

Following are the program descriptions for our reusable content. 

The name of the resuable content webpart is after the " | ". 

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 Outreach Learning Program | TL – PF&A, Outreach

 Pregnant and Parenting Teens Program | TL – PF&A, Preg & Prntng Teens

 National Sport School | TL – PF&A, Sprts, Natl Sprt Schl

 National Sport Academy | TL – PF&A, Sprts, Natl Sprt Academy

 Arts-Centred Learning Program | TL - Subject Matter, Arts-Centred

 Canadian Studies Program | TL - Subject Matter, Cdn Studies

 Science Program | TL - Subject Matter, Science

 Aboriginal Focus Program | TL - Tchng Phlsphy, Aboriginal Focus

 All Boys Program | TL - Tchng Phlsphy, All Boys

 All Girls Program | TL - Tchng Phlsphy, All Girls

 Montessori Program | TL - Tchng Phlsphy, Montessori

 Traditional Learning Centre (TLC) | TL - Tchng Phlsphy, Trad Lrng Cntr

Are you graduating this year or leaving the CBE? Don’t forget to save any important files or emails, as you will lose access to all CBE tools, including Gmail, after June 30. Accounts cannot be accessed after you leave the CBE. #WeAreCBE

RT @Indigenous_cbe: Exploring career paths for Indigenous women in trades - Samantha and @JackJamesHS - you are amazing🏠💟! #WeAreCBE

ONE WEEK LEFT – Families must register by June 11 If you’re considering using transportation, registration must be submitted by the deadline to be included in next year’s bus routes planning. This will ensure your child can access the bus without delay in September. #WeAreCBE

RT @Indigenous_cbe: Kicking off June celebrations by honouring our CBE Indigenous student high school graduates 🎓 We are so proud of your accomplishments 🌟 #WeAreCBE

CBE students came away with a number of wins and demonstrated exceptional talent and skills as they competed in Skills Canada Alberta in Edmonton and the 2023 Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC) in Winnipeg. #WeAreCBE