Students are not allowed to smoke, vape or use drugs in the school, on the school grounds, or within sight of the school. It is strictly prohibited and illegal. Students are also not permitted to bring to school any item associated with smoking, vaping or drugs, such as cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vapes, drugs, lighters, or matches. These items will be confiscated, parents will be called and the issue will be addressed by administration.


The students of Samuel W. Shaw School are expected to be prepared to take part in the learning process. This means arriving in class on time, with the necessary materials (books, binders, pens, pencils, completed homework, etc.) Students are expected to actively engage in learning to the best of their ability and positively contribute to the learning of others in the school. Positive citizenship is expected of all students and staff.

Classroom Expectations

Students are expected to perform to the best of their ability in each class and to come prepared with the necessary materials. We expect students to conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates respect for themselves, respect for
others and respect for their environment.

Backpacks and Lockers

Backpacks must be kept in lockers, and are not permitted in class. Students are expected to carry all learning resources and materials required for their classes. Locker visits are permitted on the way to and from P.E., at break and the lunch

Phones & Technology

Phones and other technology must be kept in lockers, and are not permitted in class. Students are permitted to be on their phones, iPads, iPods, tablets etc. during break or lunch only.  The school is not responsible for lost of stolen technology, it is the student's responsibility if they have their phone etc. in the building.

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The Board of Trustees and Administration of the CBE have taken the time to carefully review the draft provincial curriculum and current realities within our system. The CBE has decided not to participate in the draft curriculum pilot in fall 2021. #yycbe

Congratulations to this Western Canada High School student, her story is 1 of 10 shortlisted for The First Page student writing competition in the Grades 10 to 12 category. Read it here: #WeAreCBE

Today’s Board of Trustees public meeting will be held virtually starting at noon. We invite you to stream the meeting online #yycbe

RT @CBESomerset: 1st day of Spring Break & CBE Facility Maintenance is going strong @CBESomerset in the cold, windy, snowy weather. Thank you CBE Facility Maintenance for keeping our buildings & playgrounds safe. #WeAreCBE #SomersetStrong

There are no CBE classes from March 29-April 5 for spring break. We wish all of our students and staff a relaxing and enjoyable spring break. Please stay safe and continue to follow all public health measures. Classes resume on Tuesday, April 6. #WeAreCBE