Dress Code

At SWS we adhere to the CBE's Administrative Regulation - Standards of Dress and Grooming.  This can be viewed as a link on this webpage. 

Student dress code is aimed at establishing and maintaining reasonable standards of dress for all school activities and should be appropriate for the professional learning environment. Just as there is a mode of dress suited to office work, to the playing field or gymnasium, to various social or formal functions; there is also a mode of dress suited to each subject area and classroom. Good taste and judgment in the selection of clothing worn to school is expected. Students must come to school appropriately dressed to promote a positive learning environment. 

Students should also be dressed for all weather conditions and be prepared to spend some time outside during the day, particularly at lunch time and for Physical Education. We ask that parents support the school with this policy, as we understand that your own expectations for home may be different. Students clothing should reflect the fact that they are in a professional learning environment.

Appropriate dress is expected at all times, from all students; therefore, the following are inappropriate:

  • Clothing with derogatory, vulgar, suggestive printing or pictures.
  • Clothing advertising alcohol, drugs or cigarettes.
  • Clothing that is too revealing includes, but is not limited to:
    •  clothes that show student's buttocks 
    •  tops that are too low-cut or too short
    •  clothing that reveals undergarments
  • Sunglasses when inside the building.
  • Hoods when in the building.
  • Hats are permitted, as long as a persons face is visible.
  • Outdoor clothing and backpacks (both outdoor clothing and backpacks must be kept in lockers).

In accordance with CBE Policy, students who do not comply with the dress code will be asked to change their clothing.  This could mean a change into their gym strip (f they have one), extra clothes they may have with them or clean clothes provided by the office.  Students may also be kept in the office area, or sent home in order to dress appropriately. The staff determines which articles of clothing contravene our dress code. 

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