Career & Technology

Foundations | Grades 5-9

In Career and Technology Foundations (CTF), students plan, create, appraise, and communicate to explore interests and passions as they learn about various career possibilities and occupational areas. CTF responds to the context of the school, community, and student interests and passions, and as a result, looks different in every school. This flexibility allows teachers to design meaningful learning experiences for students.

At the heart of CTF are the four central processes: plan, create, appraise, communicate. Students engage in CTF tasks, alternating between the four central processes. These central processes span 28 different occupational areas. Occupational areas are categorized by five clusters (Human Services, Business, Communication, Resources, and Technology) and include disciplines such as foods, computing science, design studies, environmental stewardship, and construction, just to name a few. Each CTF task should align with at least two occupational areas. 

Because the four central processes can be adapted to any topic of study, students are emphasizing universal skills and processes, which makes learning more meaningful and connected than ever. Hands-on, relevant, and purposeful learning is very important to the middle years learner.

At SWS students explore a number of CTF clusters. See information below for grade-specific details. 

Cluster: Resources and Human Services

City Planning 6

A city planner is a person who collaborates on a team to design accessible spaces with sustainability in mind. In this course, we are going to examine the City of Calgary's four pillars in the Downtown Strategy: Connect, Live, Work, and Place-Making. We will examine exemplary urban designs as we learn to critique public spaces. 

Computer Assisted Design (CAD) takes advantage of modern technologies in order to develop prototypes. We are going to use Tinkercad in order to create solutions to real problems in city planning. Through CAD, students will come to understand the complexity within urban design. They will collaborate to develop spaces that enhance how people live, work, and connect. 

Be prepared to explore cities around the world, to think critically about Calgary's design, and to use Computer Assisted Design to solve real-world problems!

Cluster: Communications 

Communication Technology 8

CTF: Comm-tech 8 In this CTF rotation students investigate the world of coding, photo editing and design. Coding apps the students will explore are Scratch where they will create logos, animation and game design. Students will also explore 3D design using Codeblocks in Tinkercad. Pixlre will be used to edit photos. Kids will learn how to blend images, create a pop art style portrait and swap out faces to produce a whimsical photo. Lastly they will investigate employability skills, potential career choices and the education needed to get there in the Sketch My Pathway module.

Cluster: Human Services

Tourism 8

“Travel is like an endless university, you never stop learning.” Harvey Lloyd
Tourism allows students to explore a vast and expansive industry. They will reflect on the benefits and challenges of travel, the positive and negative impacts on tourist destinations throughout the world. Students will be tasked with planning dream vacations, as well as budget trips. Creative challenges will allow students to work through the CTF design process, creating, appraising, and revising their plans and solutions. The tourism section of the CTF ties in perfectly with the Grade 8 Social Studies theme of worldview. Visiting other places and cultures affords travelers multiple opportunities to discover how people of the world live.

Cluster: Business

Business 9

In this course, students will explore a variety of topics related to business.  This includes an introduction to economics and how businesses provide goods and services to meet the wants and needs of consumers.  They will also learn about the important role small businesses play in our economy and how entrepreneurs start those businesses.  Students will also explore the risks and benefits of entrepreneurship while spending time studying successful entrepreneurs.  Students will also get the opportunity to learn about marketing and some of the different persuasive techniques that advertisers use.

Cluster: Communication

Computers 9 

Students are given the opportunity to explore their personal interests and how they relate to computers.  Some of the possible topics that students will have the chance to learn about involve programming, 3D design and digital media.  With programming, students will have the opportunity to work on either Karel or Python programming languages, depending on their level of ability.  For 3D design, students will use Tinkercad and can have their final design 3D printed.  If students choose to work with digital media, they will get the opportunity to work with both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Cluster: Human Services

Psychology 9

Students taking psychology will have the opportunity to learn about the structure of the Human brain and the various parts and functions of the brain. They will study the most common mental health disorders, the resources available to assist people with these struggles, and the importance of compassion when supporting someone with a mental health disorder. Students will also be learning about the importance of the entire emotional spectrum and the value of emotions. We will learn about some of the foundational psychologists and their related work including Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial Development theories, Kohlberg’s theories of morality, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and Freud and Rorschach’s theories on personality development. The goal of this course is to increase self-awareness, compassion for others, and understanding of our minds at different stages of development.

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