Paced Learning Program

Paced Learning Program is a system class in which students are placed based on suitability and need. PLP classes are for students in grades 4 – 12 who have been identified with mild or moderate cognitive developmental disabilities (FSIQ 50-70 +/- 5) and mild to moderate adaptive functioning delays. Students may have co-occurring diagnosis such as mild cognitive disability and ADHD or ASD.The goal of PLP is to prepare students for adult life and to teach foundational skills to support employment, volunteering and in some cases enrolment in certificated community education programs. Curriculum is modified to support the personalization of learning according to the unique strengths and needs of each student. Curricular emphasis for elementary students is on basic literacy, numeracy, daily living, communication, and problem solving skills. At the secondary level programming includes a focus on functional life and work skills such as time- management, self-advocacy, citizenship, community involvement and recreation. In high school, teachers work in partnership with VECOVA to provide opportunities for Supported Work Study to students, as part of the vocational programming. Opportunities for inclusion in the school community are also provided and include complementary courses (options), clubs, sports, and special events. Class size ranges from 12-14 students in elementary, 14-16 students in junior high and 16-18 students in senior high, a teacher and 1-2 educational assistants depending on grade division. Class size and staffing are carefully evaluated on an ongoing basis based on unique learner needs and class complexity.

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