Our Staff


Name & EmailPosition
Harald LudwigsenPrincipal
Lis Edwards-Martinez
Assistant Principal

Teaching Staff

Name & Email
Grade 6 Homeroom Teachers
Sr. Melchin6-19
Sra. Bayona6-21
Sra. Moreno6-22
Sr. Dardon6-23
Sra. Molina6-24
Grade 7 Homeroom Teachers
Sra. Quan7-08
Sra. De la Jara7-09
Sra. Sanchis7-10
Sra. Webb7-11
Sra. Oviedo7-12
Sra. Lastra7-13
Sr. Mason7-14
Grade 8 Homeroom Teachers
Sr. Gall8-05 (PLP Class)
Sra. Panrucker8-25
Sra. Towers8-26
Sra. Dunsmoor8-27
Sra. Barona8-28
Sr. Barillas8-29
Sra. Paton8-30
Sra. Carr8-33
Grade 9 Homeroom Teachers
Sr. Lopez (F.)9-06
Sr. Toro9-07
Sr. Lopez Vasquez9-31
Sra. Villatoro9-32
Sra. Bravo-Pallesen9-34
Sra. Oliver9-35
Sra. Rojas9-36
Mr. MelchinBand / Music
Sra. HerreraArt
Sr. Lopez VasquezIndustrial Design
Sr. AlijaPE
Sr. Al SalemPE
Sra. BellPE
Sr. F. LopezPE
Sra. LeederPE
Sra. InostrozaResource

Support Staff

Name & EmailPosition
Ms. BurrageAdministrative Assistant
Sra. BarillasLibrary Assistant / Lunchroom Supervisor
Sra. InostrozaResource Teacher
Ms. ArkleyBehaviour Support Worker
Ms. KimLead Lunchroom Supervisor
Ms. Lim-SbeitiLunchroom Supervisor
Ms. Hall
Lunchroom Supervisor
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Congratulations to the Lord Beaverbrook High School Jazz Band and Dr. E.W. Coffin School Grade 4, Room 5. They are finalists in the CBC Canadian Music Class Challenge. Check out their submissions! #WeAreCBE https://t.co/w1deVgh1NT https://t.co/pm7fX4SjDL https://t.co/jAub282BwY

RT @ZooSchoolyyc: How do we teach the value and importance of our connection to all living things? Maybe by getting to know our local neighbours? This is a concept our Chris Akkermann students are just beginning to understand. Have you spotted this local winter bird? https://t.co/W2MjY26FrR

RT @kinggeorgecbe: Le défi du flocon de neige a commencé! Comment est-ce que tous les élèves dans chaque classe vont créer un flocon de neige qui est aussi grand que Mme Shafina ou Mme Renée, en utilisant seulement le papier, les ciseaux et la laine? @CBELanguages #WeAreCBE https://t.co/F6vE6jP5td

RT @KeelerSchool: Grade 6 students created pictograph rocks using symbols and colours to communicate their connections to the land. #WeAreCBE #Keeler https://t.co/z18gyFvOZS

Check out this story about the @twowheelview 10-week Earn-A-Bike program at Crescent Heights High School. Students receive a refurbished bicycle, helmet and basic tools to maintain their new ride. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/95bxTQ7gli