Physical Education

Physical Education supports you in acquiring skills through a variety of developmentally appropriate movement activities. You will gain experience within various physical activities assisting you in further understanding health and wellness benefits, promoting positive interactions and leading an active lifestyle.

Our P.E. Rules

  • Physical Education (PE) class is a requirement in Alberta, and you will have P.E. every day of the week. 
  • You will develop your skills in team sports, and will also have choice in participating in a variety of different modules.
  • You will change into gym clothing appropriate for either warm or cold temperatures, daily. Special physed clothing (Bronco hats, hoodies, sweats, tights) will be offered for sale throughout the year, at lunchtime in the Bronco Barn. Proper running shoes are mandatory to prevent injuries. Jewelry of any type is a hazard and should be removed and left in lockers before the beginning of class.
  • No cell phones are permitted in the change rooms and must be stored in your locker beforehand.
  • You will be assigned a tote box and a lock to be used during PE classes. Please use your tote box and lock as we are not responsible for lost items and you will want to avoid purchasing new clothing. Lost locks will require a replacement fee of $8. Do not share your combination with others.
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