Our Staff

Name Email Position
Dr. K. Munroe kmmunroe@cbe.ab.ca Principal
Mrs. C. Doyle cmdoyle@cbe.ab.ca Assistant Principal
Mrs. M. Moss mimoss@cbe.ab.ca Administrative Assistant
Mrs. McNiven ejmcniven@cbe.ab.ca Receptionist/Library Assistant 
Teaching Staff
Mrs. Bosselle abmckeller@cbe.ab.ca Grade 8& 9 Math/Science, Enviromental Stewartship 
Mrs. Brocklebank  rbrocklebank@cbe.ab.ca PE 4&5, 7-9, Grade 8 Science
Mr. Castagne dgcastangne@cbe.ab.ca Grade 8&9 Math/Science, Grade 9 LL & Numeracy
Mrs. Flight  vrflight@cbe.ab.ca Student Services, Foods 7-9
Mrs. Gartshore clgartshore@cbe.ab.ca Grade 8 Humanities, Leadership
Mr. Haffey pjhaffey@cbe.ab.ca Grade 4/5
Ms. Hounjet nihounjet@cbe.ab.ca Music 4-6, Band 7-9, Choral 7-9, ELA 8
Mr. MacGrath temacgrath@cbe.ab.ca Grade 7 Humanities, Grade 9 SS 
Mrs. Martel biburton@cbe.ab.ca Grade 4/5
Ms. Nelson milnelson@cbe.ab.ca Grade 6
Mrs. Tanner satanner@cbe.ab.ca Grade 4/5
Ms. Taylor B  bvtaylor@cbe.ab.ca Grade 8 SS, Grade 9 ELA, Grade8/9 options 
Ms. Taylor M mltaylor@cbe.ab.ca Grade7  7 Science/Math, Grade 8 math
Mr. Ward  jeward@cbe.ab.ca Grade 7 Humanities, PE 7, Assessment LL
Mrs. Wear jssmith@cbe.ab.ca Grade 6
Ms. Wiltsey mawiltsey@cbe.ab.ca Art 4-9
Mr. Winn emwinn@cbe.ab.ca PE 8/9, Construction 7-9, Grade 7 Math
Mr. Yuswak doyuswak@cbe.ab.ca PE 7-9, Grade 8 Science 
Hull Star Program 
Mr. Coopsammy docoopsammy@cbe.ab.ca Hull Star Program Teacher
Mrs. Hennessy zarajwani@cbe.ab.ca Hull Star Program Teacher 
Mrs. Mathias jjmathias@cbe.ab.ca Hull Star Program 
Mrs. McCutcheon ermccutcheon@cbe.ab.ca Hull Star Program
Ms. Rivest wlrivest@cbe.ab.ca Hull Star Program
Mr. Desrosiers mcdesrosiers@cbe.ab.ca Hull Star Program 
Support Staff 
Mrs. Buchan eabuchan@cbe.ab.ca EA
Mrs. Dhillon nkdhillon@cbe.ab.ca LRS
Mrs. Hilker alhilker@cbe.ab.ca EA
Mr. Ogryzlo tkogryzlo@cbe.ab.ca BHS
Mr. Leo slle@cbe.ab.ca FO
Mr. Postnekoff lnpostnekoff@cbe.ab.ca
Mrs. Keller clkeller@cbe.ab.ca
Mr. Solomansokelati@cbe.ab.ca
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The Board of Trustees will hold a public meeting on Thursday, May 26 at 7 pm to hear from parents, students and other persons on the proposed closure of Discovering Choices START Outreach – Bowness site for the purpose of relocation. Learn more: https://t.co/Nm0kkpiaG7 #yycbe https://t.co/FmLdoDBpGH

There are no classes for students on Friday, May 20 because it is a system-wide non-instruction day. All of our schools and offices are closed on Monday, May 23 for Victoria Day. Have a safe and relaxing long weekend! #WeAreCBE https://t.co/CTelZ2ks3d

RT @DHarkness_CBE: What did the DHS staff look like during the last Battle of Alberta in 1991? The photos are slowly dribbling in and we love the throwback! @yyCBEdu @Area4CBE @NHLFlames @EdmontonOilers https://t.co/aPIy7w3C35

RT @TBRSchool: TB Riley is EXPLODING with Calgary Flames spirit!! @NHLFlames #wearecbe #wearetbr #BattleofAlberta https://t.co/CYAp4MGsgw

RT @CBE_CNGunn: A student made us these jerseys back in 2005. Finally we have a real reason to wear them! Go Flames, though Mr. Prather might be thinking Go Oilers! #nhlflames #nhloilers #wearecbe https://t.co/Yq7ng627D2