Our Staff

Name Email Position
Dr. K. Munroe kmmunroe@cbe.ab.ca Principal
Ms. D. Shields
dmshields@cbe.ab.ca Acting Assistant Principal
Mrs. C. Doyle Assistant Principal (On leave)
Mrs. M. Moss mimoss@cbe.ab.ca Administrative Assistant
Mrs. E. McNiven ejmcniven@cbe.ab.ca Receptionist/Library Assistant 
Teaching Staff
Mrs. R. Brocklebank  rbrocklebank@cbe.ab.ca * Wellness Learning Leader
PE, Leadership
Mrs. S. Blayways soblayways@cbe.ab.ca 4/5, Leadership
Mr. D. Castagne dgcastangne@cbe.ab.ca
9 Math & Science , Foods
Mrs. L. Eyk
Resource, Student Services
Mrs. V. Flight  vrflight@cbe.ab.ca 7 & 8 Social Studies, Business
Ms. N. Hounjet
* Diversity & Enrichment Learning Leader 
8 ELA, Band, Choir
Mr. K. Marcus kimarcus@cbe.ab.ca9 Science, PowerUp
Mrs. M. Morgan
7 & 8 Math, Grade 8 Science, Technology
Ms. M. Nelson
milnelson@cbe.ab.ca6 & 7 Science
Mrs. K. Renaud
karenaud@cbe.ab.ca9 ELA & Social Studies, Drama, Fashion
Ms. S. Saunders
Ms. D. Toews


Mr. E. Wardjeward@cbe.ab.ca
*Literacy Learning Leader
6 ELA & Social Studies, 7 ELA
Mrs. J. Wearjssmith@cbe.ab.ca*Numeracy Learning Leader
6 & 7 Math, 6 PE
Ms. M. Wiltsey
mawiltsey@cbe.ab.ca9 ELA, Art
Mr. E. Winn
emwinn@cbe.ab.ca4/5, Construction
Mr. D. Yuswak
doyuswak@cbe.ab.ca789 PE, 8 Science
Mrs. K. Vrielinkkhvrielink@cbe.ab.ca7 ELA
Hull Star Program 
Mr. D. Coopsammy docoopsammy@cbe.ab.ca Hull Star Program Teacher
Mrs. Z. Hennessy zarajwani@cbe.ab.ca Hull Star Program Teacher 
Mrs. M. Larrere malarrere@cbe.ab.ca Educational Child & Youth Counsellor
Mrs. J. Mathias jjmathias@cbe.ab.ca Educational Child & Youth Counsellor 
Mrs. M. Schenk mjschenk@cbe.ab.ca Educational Child & Youth Counsellor 
Ms. C. Walquist      cmwalquist@cbe.ab.ca Educational Child & Youth Counsellor
Support Staff 
Mrs. L. Belton lkbelton@cbe.ab.caEducation Assistant
Mrs. N. Dhillon
nkdhillon@cbe.ab.caLunch Supervisor
Mrs. M. Saroya nkdhillon@cbe.ab.ca Lunch Supervisor
Mr. D. Brooks slle@cbe.ab.ca Facility Operator
Mr. L Postnekoff lnpostnekoff@cbe.ab.ca Cleaner
Mrs. C. Keller clkeller@cbe.ab.ca Cleaner
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Today was the last day of classes before spring break. We hope all of our students and school staff have a fun, safe and rejuvenating break! #WeAreCBE https://t.co/f87mrxP9Te