Our Staff


Name & EmailPosition
Mrs T. Kohan
Ms. C. DoyleAssistant Principal
Mrs. M. Moss        Administrative Secretary
Mrs. E. McNiven

Teaching Staff

Name & Email Subject

Black, Alex

Grade 4

Bosselle , Aleya

Grade 8&9 Math/Science

Cavalleri, Tony

Music, Band/Choir

Castagne, David

Learning Leader Math, Grade 9 Math, Science

Flight, Veronica

Learning Leader Student Services, ELA Grade 7

Gartshore, Candace

Learning Leader Literacy, Grade 4

Haffey, Paul

Grade 5

Tanner, Samantha 

On Leave - Grade 4

Hennessy, Zabin

Hull Star 1

Lautenslager, Aaron

Learning Leader, Athletics 4-9

Nelson, Michelle

Grade 6

Pratch, Chad

Social Studies Grade 8, Art

Renaud, Kristen

Grade 7 Social Studies, Drama, Fashion

Rupert, Brandon

Learning Leader Assessment, Social Studies 9

Simmt, Darrel

Construction, Athletics, Math and Science Grade 7

Wallace, Kyra

Grade 7 Math/Science, Foods

Ward, Euan

Grade 9 Language Arts, Athletics

Winn, Everett

Grade 8 Language Arts, Athletics

Wear, Jaylene

Grade 5

Morgan, Melissa

Grade 8 Math/Science

Yuswak, Doug

Grade 6

Support Staff

Name & Email Position

Hilker, Amanda

Educational Assistant

Dhilon, Navedeep


Pooley, Jen

Library Assistant

Keller, Christina


Buchan, Evelyn

Educational Assistant

McNiven, Emily

Receptionist, Lunchroom

Postnekoff, Larry

Facility Operator

Le, Shaolong (“Mr. Leo”)

Lead Facility Operator

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