Dec 17
Winter Break Message 2021

Dear Sherwood Archer Families,

We’ve made it to Break! It has been a very interesting year-we continue to wear masks and use hand sanitizer hundreds of times a day. With cohorts continued and classrooms as homes, we added some sports (#GoArchers, #ArcherProud) with volleyball games. We are so happy that we are able to be together in person this year and continue our work to support our Sherwood students. We have had many changes with so many Sher-Babies added to our family this year and this has provided the opportunity to add many new faces to our Sherwood team.

Connection … Connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.” – Brené Brown 

We are truly grateful for the connections we have made with your children and with all of our families this school year and we look forward to what the new calendar year will bring for us all. From all of us at Sherwood School, we wish you and your families a wonder-filled holiday. Whatever your winter break traditions are, we hope you are able to take time to enjoy a little quiet, the sparkle of the snow, some laughter and cheer, remember to be kind to yourself and each other. Most important of all, take time to rest and rejuvenate so we can hit the ground running as we head into a new calendar year. We wish you all the best of the season and a Happy New Year. Here is to incredible things for us all in 2022.

This holiday season and winter break to take care of yourselves and each other. So… “Tag! You're It Sherwood families!".

Wising you all a safe and happy holiday season and winter break.

Tracy Kohan

Principal, Sherwood School

Jun 27
Year End Message 2020-2021

​Hello Sherwood Families!
We Made it through a COVID-19 year! It is hard to believe that the 2020-2021 school year is over.Congratulations to all of our Sherwood students for an amazing year! There were so many ups and downs, from; online to in-person learning, computer loans, paper copies, D2L, Google Classroom, Bongo, Google Meets, working from home, masks, cohorts, sanitizer, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and our go to tagline of the year, “PIVOT”! At some points during the year we weren’t sure we would ever make it to the last day of school … we made it! 

A special and heartfelt congratulations to all of our incredibly strong Grade 9 students who spent their last year at Sherwood living through the most unusual of circumstances and challenges and yet came out stronger than ever. We are so very proud of your perseverance. One of the things I always think of at this time of year is the meaning of Farewell …It is not a goodbye, there is no finality to the word but a notion that there is a future connection to be made … Every ending is the start of a new beginning – an opportunity for change, new adventures and a chance to re-invent yourselves. Once an Archer, always an Archer! We can’t wait to hear about the amazing things you will do! I wish you the best. Best of luck and congratulations!

To all of our Sherwood families, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts – we know that this year had challenges beyond the constant uncertainty of school for many of you and we wish you all a healthy and safe summer. We look so forward to hearing about your summer adventures when we return September 1, 2021. 

Stay Well, Stay Safe Archers

#StrongerTogether #SherwoodStrong #ArcherProud #BraverTogether #StayStrongArchers 

COVID-19 Updates|

  • We will have COVID-19 updates to share in August. Please look for an email in August with our latest Re-entry plan and guidelines

Dec 18
Winter Break Message 2020

Dear Sherwood Families,

It has been an incredible start to the school year, and really – what can we say about 2020 (nothing I can write here!). As we break for the Winter Holiday, I am reflective of all we have been through with 2020 in the rear view mirror I hope that 2021 will bring a renewed sense of hope and a little 'normal' thrown back in – I am sure we could all use it now more than ever!

From all of us at Sherwood School, we wish you and your families a safe and healthy holiday. Whatever and however you celebrate this season, make sure you take time to enjoy the little things, be kind to yourself and each other and most importantly, take time to rest and rejuvenate. We wish you all the best of the season and a Happy New Year. Here is to amazing things in 2021, and to a year we hope will help us tuck 2020 away for good!

Please remember to take time this holiday season and winter break to take care of yourselves and each other. So “Tag! You're It families!".

​See you all on the screen next year (Jan 5, 2021).

Tracy Kohan

Proud Principal, Sherwood School

Aug 31
Welcome Back Archers! Sherwood Re-Entry 2020

Welcome Back Archers!

We are very excited to be welcoming back our Archers to the building after being away since March. We hope our school community has had a safe summer to connect with loved ones and recharge. We understand that in this new reality, returning to in person classes has caused some anxiety and many questions still linger. The CBE is currently working closely with Alberta Health Services and Alberta Education to meet health measures and help to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We can assure you that student and staff well-being remain our top priority.

We are really look forward to seeing our students once again. We want to provide information regarding start up details for next week.

Please refer to our Re-Entry Plan sent via School Messenger on August 28 and linked below.

First Days of School – to ensure that we can support all students we will have a staggered entry to start the school year.

Tuesday, September 1: Only Grades 4 and 7 students attend 8:10am-2:50pm

Wednesday, September 2: Only Grades 5 and 8 students attend 8:10am-2:50pm

Thursday, September 3: Only Grades 6 and 9 students attend 8:10am-2:50pm

Friday, September 4: All students Grade 4-9 attend 8:10am-12:30pm

    • There will be activities both indoors and outdoors.  Please dress accordingly

What to bring the First Day:

Students will wear one pair of shoes at school. Shoes must be appropriate for gym class and outdoor activities (Eg: running shoes vs. Flip Flops)

A backpack that is large enough to hold a large picture book or binder

A water bottle that will go home to be cleaned and refilled each day

A healthy snack. Students who will be staying for lunch will need a lunch kit for their lunch. Please ensure this kit is labelled and that all cutlery required

has been included.

Students will be provided two reusable masks on the first day, families are encouraged to send their children with thier own non-medical mask labeled with thier name.Please ensure your mask has appropriate

patterns and no offensive slogans or saying.

Please send a small Ziplock bag labeled with your child’s name where they

can store their mask during mask breaks.

​The school has many hand sanitizing stations for students to use. Students

may wish to bring small personal bottles of hand sanitizer that they can keep at their own spot. 

2020-2021 School Re-entry Plan . Sherwood Re-Entry Plan can be found here Sherwood 2020-21 Re-Entry.

Given the cohorting parameters and other restrictive guidelines set forth by the Alberta Government with respect to athletics, all Fall sports have been postponed. This includes any type of organized meeting, conditioning or skill development sessions, tryouts and practices. This decision will be re-evaluated on or before October 1, 2020.


Sherwood is looking forward to welcoming students back to school in September. As we prepare for a return to school, it is important to note that our ways of working together are changing and will be responsive keeping all students safe, and we all have a responsibility to ensure the safety of ourselves, and others. We are committed to ensuring that students learn new behaviours and strategies to minimize the risk of infection. We are excited about the school year to come. We understand there are many questions that remain, please watch your email for more updates as we continue the planning process. Thank you for your continued support as we reopen Sherwood and learn together how to live in our new reality.​ 

#StrongerTogether​  #SherwoodStrong #ArcherProud

Jul 08
June 30, 2020

That’s a wrap! It has been an incredibly unique and unusual wrap to the end of the school year. We have had so many things to celebrate this year as well as so many memories that will definitely be one for the books. In my 25+ years with CBE I cannot remember an experience like this. From Backpacks to Cellphones, TikTok to texting, Volleyball to Basketball, Productions to Parades, Celebrations to Coronavirus, we definitely had many memorable moments. We have raised our voices with #BlackLivesMatter, and silenced our daily lives while we stayed home to stay safe. Who knew that once March 2020 came around we would be cancelling classes and working with emergency ongoing learning from home? What a challenge that was! It was definitely strange to walk through the halls of Sherwood without you all, we all realized how much we missed our regular routines, and most importantly how much we missed each other! None of us have ever experienced a global pandemic and COVID-19 has been a driving force in how we structure and spend our days. We know that this was not the way any of us wanted to end the school year and we have missed out on some major milestones. We congratulate our Grade 9 students who are moving on to other adventures in High School, as well as other Sherwood students who may be moving on to other schools. We will miss you and hope that you fill us in on your future success as we know you will have many. You are strong, you are amazing and you are Archers.

Thank you all for your support this year Sherwood Families! For those of you returning to Sherwood or joining us for the first time for the 2020-21 school year we look forward to building new memories together. Please watch our website and the CBE website for the most up to date information regarding re-entry. Please know we are working to ensure safety and learning for all of our students in an ever-changing environment.

Have a safe and rest-filled holiday! We wish you all much health and hope that you stay safe. Once an Archer, always an Archer!  #SherwoodStrong

May 19
May 19, 2020

Hello Sherwood Families

It has been a highlight of our week to see so many students in our Google Meets. We have really been missing them, so it is wonderful that we have the technology to see their faces and hear their voices.

Parents are invited to weigh in on ongoing learning in regards to the workload. We have had feedback from many of you and some teachers have made adjustments based on your feedback. The majority of families are finding the workload to be at that “just right” level and are making decisions on what is best for their child. Please email your child's homeroom teacher or Colleen or myself if you have any questions or concerns. 

Continue Reading​​​

Apr 03
March 30, 2020

Good Morning Sherwood Students and Families, 


I hope you are well and this past week has gone well for you and your family. I hope that you have all been keeping safe and healthy. On behalf of our entire staff, we would like to thank you for your patience as the province works through the current reality. We recognize that this has created a great deal of uncertainty and we would like to reassure you that we remain focused on ensuring that learning continues. We are indeed living in unprecedented times, and filled with wonder in terms of what the future will bring us with ongoing learning. For the foreseeable future, together we will delve into the world of online learning. Things will definitely look different than they did before classes were cancelled but this is an excellent opportunity for us to try do things differently. 


As you read the rest of this message, please know that we understand that all families are in different circumstances right now. We hope that you are all in a position to support ongoing learning, but we recognize that you may not be. Regardless of your family circumstance, we respect your position and are ready to assist you in whatever ways we can. I want you to know that we are here for you to help connect you to learning in the ways that will work best for your family. If you are in need of help, please reach out. 

The CBE has spent the past two weeks creating programming opportunities that will be distributed online for our students. Our teachers have been working very hard and are taking up this work on a very steep learning curve to provide learning opportunities & activities that will begin in the next couple of days. 

While most learning will occur online, we know that some families may have unique needs, teachers will be connecting with you about your specific situation to find the best way to support. Teachers will use a variety of platforms, likely centering around Google Tools and Brightspace by D2L. While platforms and tools may look different grade-to-grade, information should be consistent within each grade team. 

The following tentative timeline will assist families in your planning to take up this work at home: 

Monday, March 30: For most of the day, teachers will be involved in virtual meetings, planning together in grade and subject teams, and personalizing the first few days of lessons and assignments which will be rolled out to our students shortly. Please expect an email from your child’s teacher beginning today. 

Tuesday, March 31: Your child’s homeroom teacher will have connected with you. Your teacher’s email will include several important questions to help us plan for your child’s learning including your child’s access to technology at home, and access to a computer and the internet. Teachers will email students/parents and follow up with those who do not respond with a phone call. As Teachers may be working from home, they may be using their personal devices, therefore, the number may come up as “unknown” or “ID blocked”. We are also making a plan to address the needs of students without internet/technology resources and to determine how to best support students with print materials. Teachers will also ask you how you and your family are doing and encourage you to connect with wellness supports and resources available within and beyond the CBE. Please take time to respond to this important email from your child’s teacher. 


Wednesday, April 1: Grade 4-9, your child’s teachers will let you know how they will provide course materials and the best way to reach them if you or your child has questions. Students in Grade 5 through Grade 9 will access learning through a variety of platforms, likely using Google tools, and possibly through Brightspace by D2L. Your child’s teachers will confirm the platform that they will be using on Wednesday. Consistency in platform choice by all of your child’s teachers is something we are striving for. Your child’s teachers will also provide you with more information about what you can expect from them in terms of assignments, how to submit any work, and resources and supports you and your child can use to support their learning at home. Teachers will also provide a schedule that families should follow so that there aren't any overlaps in expectations for work completion. I would also strongly recommend that parents schedule at least 20-30 minutes of reading per day beyond this schedule. 

Monday, April 6: you will receive weekly learning plans from teachers. Each Week’s plan will highlight what we are working on, including various resources and will explain the activities or tasks you child will have to work on. 

As a system, we are expected to align with the guidelines shared by Alberta Education for continuity of learning and content delivery by division.  Specifically, that content delivery for each grade is broken down as follows 


Students in grades 4-6: 

·      Education content will continue to focus on language/literacy and mathematics/numeracy outcomes, and there will be opportunity to incorporate science and social studies outcomes through cross-curricular learning 

·      Included in this online work, your child should continue to incorporate 20 minutes of independent reading into their day. 

·      Teachers will assign an average of five (5) hours of work per student per week. 


Students in grades 7-9: 

·      Education content will focus on core mathematics, language/literacy, science and social studies curriculum outcomes 

·      Teachers will assign an average of ten (10) hours of work per student per week. 


Parents may want to supplement student learning by providing their children with additional resources. The following provincial resources are available to parents: 


We are excited with the prospect of providing these new ways of working together and ongoing learning opportunities for our students. We have been missing our students terribly and not being with them has been very difficult, we look forward to reconnecting with each student. We hope you look forward to re-connecting and receiving ongoing messages from teachers and administration in the days to come. Stay safe, stay well and stay active. 


Stay strong Sherwood and please continue to take care of each other, 


Tracy, Colleen and the Sherwood Team ​

Mar 17

Hello Sherwood Families,

Please note that as of 4:30pm on March 15, 2020, we were informed by our Provincial government that all classes for students are now canceled. 

We ask that parents await further messaging from the Calgary Board of Education. All information will be posted to the website and sent through School Messenger. Visit for the most up to date information regarding school updates. 

I will send any Sherwood School specific information through School Messenger directly to families. 

Further information regardging learning will be updated as soon as available.

In the meantime, please take care of each other and your families and know that the Sherwood Staff community if thinking of you and your children.

Thank you all for your continued support. As always, we are stronger together.

Take Care,

Tracy Kohan, Principal

Jan 20
Welcome 2020

Welcome to a new calendar year and a new decade! It is hard to believe that we have entered a new decade! Wishing all of our Sherwood families an incredible year to come with many exciting adventures and happy moments to share. A new year is an opportunity to hit the re-set button, try new things, re-energize and rejuvenate yourself. A new calendar year is also a time for reflection on what has come and what is to come. We make plans, set goals and re-affirm our direction. I look forward to a year filled with community, growth, achievement and excellence. There are many ways we will work towards these goals and I can’t wait to celebrate them along the way.

While scrolling through twitter over the break I bumped into the One Word Challenge and One Word 365. The premise is, instead of making a lengthy resolution that you may not be able to keep once the winds of February blow through, chose one word to guide you, one word that will be the think to ground you and guide you. 

Start by taking some time to reflect on the year that has just wrapped up. What went well for you? What are you proud of? What do you wish you had spent more time doing? Next, think of the year that we have just stepped into and all of its potential and opportunity. How do you want to improve? What do you want to focus on? What do you hope to be proud to highlight when Jan 1, 2021 rolls around? What are your goals? Once you’ve set your intentions for this year, determined your course, choose a word that best encompasses where you want to go.

This New Year, and new decade, take the one word challenge – what word will you choose to inspire yourself for the year to come?

I wonder…what word will your word be? #OneWord2020 #OneWord365

​Tracy Kohan
Jun 27
Farewell 2018-2019

​​Thank you for and Incredible Year!

Farewell …It is not a goodbye, there is no finality to the word but a notion that there is a future connection to be made.

Sherwood staff would like to congratulate all students for their accomplishments throughout the 2018-2019 school year. It is amazing to see how you have grown this year! Your teachers who have watched you grow and become leaders over the years are so proud of you. As we wrap up this school year it is an opportunity to celebrate and reflect, while also looking forward to the upcoming opportunities that our students will have as they move on to the next chapter of their educational story. Every ending is the start of a new beginning – an opportunity for change, new adventures and a chance to re-invent yourselves.

“Today, you close the door to the past, open the door to the future, take a deep breath – step on through and start a new chapter in your lives.” (unknown)

Thank you to all of our Sherwood Families for an amazing year of learning! This week we say farewell to all of our Grade 9 students as they venture off to their new adventures in High School. We look forward to hearing their stories and successes in the fall. We also look forward to welcoming all of our new students coming to us in both Grade 4 and Grade 7! Please see our calendar for our 2019-2020 dates. Wishing you all a rest-filled and relaxing summer break filled with family fun and amazing adventures.


We look forward to welcoming Sherwood students to School on Tuesday, September 3, 2019. Grade 4, 5, 6, and 7 students will return for the new school year at 8:10 am on Tuesday September 3rd and will meet in the Auxiliary Gym. Grade 7’s please meet in the Main Gym. September 3rd will have a regular bus schedule. Classes for Grades 8 and 9 will begin at 8:10 am on Wednesday, September 4th. The Grade 8 and 9 will go directly to their homeroom class at the first bell. September 4th will be a regular day with regular bus service.

Our School hours for next year will remain the same:  Monday –Thursday 8:10 am-2:50 pm, Friday 8:10 am-12:30pm.

Please check out our website for updated information starting the last week of August.

Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies| As a continuation of our “Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies” initiative from January 2019, we will continue to focus on: Healthy Nutrition – No Slurpees allowed in the school, use of Appropriate Language – no excessive swearing, and lates and absences – no skipping of classes. We have two additional items that we will be focusing on in the new school year:

Cell Phones/Digital Devices|

Cell Phone use will NOT be permitted during school hours for the 2019-2020 school year. Your child will be required to keep their phone locked in their locker during the school day. There will be no opportunity for them to access their phones. As always, you have access to your child in case of an emergency by contacting our main office at 403-777-7890 (ext: 0). Further information and a more detailed ‘Cellphone and Electronics policy’ to come.


Smoking, vaping/e-cigarettes will not be permitted at any time on school property. This includes all and any rooms within the school (bathrooms, hallways, classrooms, etc.), outside on the school fields, at the front entrance or anywhere that is considered school property. Vaping is illegal for anyone under the age of 18.


The use of lockers for the 2019-2020 school year will be mandatory, students will not be allowed to carry backpacks during the day. We have built in a movement break time block into our schedule for students for next year to accommodate time for them to retrieve and return materials needed for each class from their lockers.

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