Cell Phones/Digital Devices 

Cell Phone use will NOT be permitted during school hours for the 2019-2020 school year. Your child will be required to keep their phone locked in their locker during the school day. There will be no opportunity for them to access their phones. As always, you have access to your child in case of an emergency by contacting our main office at 403-777-7590 (ext: 0). Further information and a more detailed 'Cellphone and Electronics policy' to come.


From time to time, a student may be assigned a detention as a consequence for not meeting an expectation. Most often, detentions are assigned for minor misbehaviour, being late to school or class, and for truancy. It is the students’ responsibility to ensure that they follow through with serving their detentions. Skipping detentions is considered to be an act of defiance and will be dealt with accordingly.

Drugs & Alcohol

CBE Administrative Regulations support the suspension of students who are found in possession of, under the influence of, or associating with anyone having to do with drugs or alcohol. Sherwood School is committed to creating a safe and caring environment for learning and teaching. The illegal possession, sale or trafficking of illicit substances and/or the use of alcohol and illicit drugs compromises the safety and security of our schools. Students must not have active contact with, sell, store or have possession of, and/or make use of alcohol or illicit substances in the context of any school-related activity. Any such contact is unacceptable student behaviour and will result in disciplinary intervention.

Fighting, Weapons, Threatening and Bullying 

  • Any conduct which is injurious to the physical, social, or mental well-being of others will be address on an individual basis as per the ARs.
  • Students engaging in these activities will face disciplinary action and potential criminal prosecution.
  • Students and parents are reminded that under the School Act (Statutes of Alberta), students can be held responsible for their behaviour on school property, on the way to or from school, or for any behaviour which has a deleterious (negative) impact on the school even if this behaviour occurs away from school property and/or out of school hours. 

School Bus Expectations

School rules and discipline consequences apply on the bus in addition to the following considerations:

  • The driver is in charge of their bus, his/her directions must be obeyed at all times. The driver may assign specific seats to students at any time.
  • Drivers are required to report misconduct to the school administration for resolution.
  • Students are expected to remain seated, not extend arms or head out of the bus.
  • Students responsible for any damage or vandalism will be required to pay for repair costs or cleaning
  • Violation of policies may lead to the loss of riding privileges or to suspension from school or to other disciplinary measures.

Also refer to Admin Regulation 6096: Transportation Responsibilities and School Bus Rules 


Current Provincial law makes it illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to be in possession of tobacco products. Students who are caught smoking or in the possession of tobacco, it will be confiscated and the student may be subject to fines imposed by the Calgary Police Service.

All facilities and property owned and operated by the CBE are smoke-free environments. This includes parking lots, playgrounds, and fields. Smoking is also banned during any extracurricular school functions, including field trips, activity days, and off-campus trips. Smoking in these circumstances will result in suspension. The use of e-cigarettes, or any other smoking paraphernalia or simulated smoking devices is also prohibited.


  • Smoking, vaping/e-cigarettes will not be permitted at any time on school property. This includes all and any rooms within the school (bathrooms, hallways, classrooms, etc.), outside on the school fields, at the front entrance or anywhere that is considered school property. Vaping is illegal for anyone under the age of 18.
  • Health Canada link

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Friday, Sept 25 is a system-wide non-instructional day. There are no in-person or online classes for students. Students in the hub can still access their course materials but teachers are not available to respond to questions. #WeAreCBE #yycbe

Here is an opportunity for #WeAreCBE student leaders interested in volunteering in the community. Deadline is Sept. 28

Congratulations to Henry Wise Wood student Suchir, who got to be Mayor for a Day yesterday #WeAreCBE

Congratulations to F.E. Osborne School. Students raised over $10,700 for their #TerryFoxSchoolRun (surpassing last year’s total of $2,995!) Way to go! #WeAreCBE @feo_eagles_cbe

Many #WeAreCBE schools will be honouring #OrangeShirtDay on Wednesday, Sept. 30 to recognize the resiliency and bravery of residential school survivors