Dress Code

Individual expression and fashion trends must fall within the bounds of safety and good taste and should not be distracting to student learning. Some current fashion may be inappropriate for the school setting and students are asked to use good judgment when choosing school attire.

For security, safety, and respectfulness, it is expected that all hats will be removed in assemblies, designated instructional areas, the main office, and when asked to do so by a staff member.

Students should be attired in a manner that is appropriate for an academic environment. This dress code applies to all school sponsored activities, including extracurricular activities and field trips. Students who do not follow the recommended dress guidelines will be asked to put on alternative clothing, and in some cases, may be asked to go home and change after their parents have been contacted.

Do consider safety, and an academic environment when shopping for school clothes. Examples of inappropriate clothing may include (but is not limited to):

  • Suggestive / rude slogans
  • Display or promotion of illegal or inappropriate behaviour (marijuana, alcohol, etc.)
  • Visible undergarments
  • Sleepwear (except for designated theme days)
  • Extremely short dresses, skirts, or shorts (as a general guideline of minimum length, arms down your sides to the tips of your fingers)
  • Spaghetti Straps (as a general guideline, a minimum width of two fingers is acceptable)
  • Crop tops/Belly shirts
  • Excessive fragrance (we have a number of students and staff with scent allergies)
  • Shoes that mark the floor are prohibited throughout the school

Physical Education Attire

Elementary Students (Grades 4– 6) are required to have shoes at school to wear for P.E. Bare, stocking feet, sandals, and boots are not permitted.

Junior High Students (Grades 7 – 9) are expected to change for P.E.

  • Comfort and hygiene are the primary benefits to changing for P.E. class
  • Gym strips may be purchased from the school or you can bring athletic clothing from home. (T-shirts and shorts/pants must be athletic wear, free of buttons, zippers, etc).
  • Running shoes with non-marking soles with laces tied are required. For safety, loosely tied skater shoes, puma style shoes, sandals, flats (Toms style shoes), or heels will not be permitted.
  • Students with earrings or other piercings may be asked to remove them or tape them to prevent injury.
  • Students who forget their gym strips may be asked to borrow clean loaner outfits. 
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