​Our school offers options to suit our students’ unique learning needs, interests and abilities. All of our courses follow the Alberta Programs of Study​

Complementary Courses

During the 2022-23 school year students will have the opportunity to select 6 enrichment courses.  Students may have the opportunity to select a course to repeat to enhance their skills based on interest and availability.  Most courses have a fee.  These fees range from $31.50 - $100.  The ability to pay does not exclude students from participating and selecting courses based on interest.  The descriptions below provide an overview of enrichment courses available at Sherwood School.  Students will have an opportunity to select their top 7 enrichment choices the first week of school.



ART  7-8-9

Art is a hands-on class that will enhance your artistic skill set, challenge you creatively and is great for any student looking to experience the wonderful world of art. You will learn to see the world as an artist.  Units include drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, and print making.  No artistic experience necessary. Course Fee $ 31.50


BAND – 7-8-9 - Introduction & Advanced

In Band, students have an opportunity to learn to play an instrument (flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba, or percussion). Through learning how to play your chosen instrument, you will learn how to read and play music as you become a member of our awesome Sherwood Band!  Students can look forward to a year of concerts, trips to festival, band camp, and working with some amazing Calgary musicians! Students will rent an instrument for the year for a small monthly fee ($10 per month instrument rental) which will allow them to bring their instrument home and make sure they have one in class.  No previous instrumental experience is necessary, but interest in learning and being part of an ensemble is required. Course Fee $ 31.50 and Instrumental Rental $100


Choral – 7-8-9 Introduction

In Choir class students will have the opportunity to perform in a concert setting, learn how to read music, and engage in different genres of music including pop, musical theatre, choral standards, and jazz.  They will also have an opportunity to work with great choral clinicians.  Students will learn the skills and confidence required to sing within a group and on their own. Students can look forward to concert opportunities and a trip to festival!  If you enjoy singing this course is for you. Course Fee $ 31.50



Business Design class is where you will explore different marketing and management models and learn what it takes to implement a business idea. You will learn how to turn entrepreneurial ideas into an effective business pitch, learn the tricks of creative and effective advertising, building a prototype of a product, implement a business plan into the school community by the end of the term. Course Fee $ 31.50



Participating in Communication Technology will have you explore, discover and develop skills for relaying a message including Microsoft programs, animation, print, photography, robotics, coding and audio-visual tools. Course Fee $ 31.50


CTF – COMMUNITY SERVICE Leadership - 7-8-9

This course provides opportunity to develop the skills and experience necessary to become a strong leader in the school community. Supporting sporting tournaments, hosting Spirit Days, communicating with our school population or working with community organizations allow you to hone your service and leadership skills. Course Fee $ 31.50



This course is designed to provide students with the basic skill sets for creating exciting projects. Hands on learning at its best!  Construction includes shop safety, tool identification, and the process of designing, assembling, iteration and finishing.   Career pathways are connected to construction, architecture, technology, engineering, and industrial design is part of the world of Industrial Arts. Course Fee $ 31.50



Students will have the opportunity to complete projects that speak to different skill development. Students can create their own clothing or accessories.  There are multiple areas to explore that include the development of basic stitching techniques, pressing techniques, the qualities of different textiles, and following/creating/adapting of patterns. Course Fee $ 31.50


CTF- FOODS 7-8-9

Through hands on experience, students will learn the proper methods of safety and sanitation in the kitchen. Students Learn a variety of baking and cooking techniques to create impressive desserts and meals. Through work, students will gain nutritional knowledge of food and dietary meal planning. Course Fee $ 31.50



Opportunities for a greater understanding of the inter-connectedness of the global planet and how human interactions have greatly altered nature and the planet earth as a whole.  This course is designed to provide you with a greater understanding and appreciation of how to be safe and active in outdoor - based activities. Throughout the course, you will develop a greater understanding and ability of working as a group and looking out for more than just yourself. Course Fee $ 31.50


DRAMA - 7-8-9

Drama is designed to introduce students to the world of theatre and how it can be used for personal growth across all disciplines. Students will explore various theatrical forms such as mime, improvisation, monologues, readers theatre, and script development. Disciplines include movement, theatre studies, technical theatre, and acting.  Student choice in performance pieces is highly encouraged in this class. Course Fee $ 31.50



Develop and build skills by learning strategies to enhance reading, writing, math, organization and study skills. Students will develop a strong understanding of their strengths, learning styles, and tools to support their personal learning goals.



Sports Performance is a physically active course intended to help students reach their athletic potential. Students will work to improve their speed, power, agility, flexibility, endurance and core stability. Students will participate in a variety of fitness programs and sport-specific games designed to emphasize the attributes needed for their sport. Students will also explore topics related to sport performance including nutrition, injury prevention, training techniques and current trends in the fitness and sport development industry. Course Fee $52.50.


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